According to the historical data of Shanghai love website right down inquiry and diagnosis and recov

with the search engine to change and planning, more and more of the site is down right, can be heard everywhere "website and be right down", "my site is down right?", "the website was drop right ah, to see how the site is not to be loved in Shanghai drop right" sounds like, many webmaster has been like a badly frightened person, see the website a little change that the site is down right.


3, the website included plummeted

love Shanghai right down performance query

1, Shanghai

is actually a lot of normal fluctuations when the site is meeting some, not all problems are right down, site is down right a few love Shanghai, the decline in ranking, included snapshot, plummeted, seconds of the article was deleted, a few hours after the article included the direct search to search. Any of the several one is right down the phenomenon, but this phenomenon is not necessarily right down. We need to combine the historical data of website operation process to make preliminary judgement whether the right down.

included quantity reflects a site traffic source. Typically, a website search engine rankings, included the amount of traffic is more. The hands of the website included quantity decrease suddenly we need to look at before the ranking page if there is, if there is love can be inferred Shanghai adjustment algorithm. If you drop it may be right down. So we should analyze the existence of collection, copying or pseudo original tools included page deleted phenomenon at. Love is of no value in Shanghai to identify the page needs a period of time, no value for page sooner or later will be deleted. But if all of a sudden to remove too many pages, on site

2, website ranking fell

snapshot question is not. Shanghai did not say the website will love the snapshot, the site will be poor snapshot of stagnation. And we also often see a snapshot of half a year ago in front of a lot of home station. Do not need to get excited over a little thing snapshot stagnant or back to file. There the snapshot problem we first asked about whether the recent long time not to update the site, or whether or not to buy a link or soft. In fact, love Shanghai snapshot system itself is an issue. Often see snapshot updates but does not update the snapshot time. So don’t take snapshots seriously.

web site optimization theory, the search engine ranking should be rising. But up to a certain extent may be stagnant or even retrogress. Then don’t doubt their own website optimization method or technical problems. Look at the competition site, perhaps your site in the article, the quality of the chain, the chain, the site scale is better than others, or they do optimization technology. It does not mean that the ranking drop down right. If all of a sudden from the first page to the 10 page or even not to search, this is right down.

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