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Macworld Asia 2012 Digital World Asia Expo opens today. As an important exhibition of IDG, this year’s exhibitors and exhibition area increased substantially compared with last year. In the afternoon, Xiong Xiaoge, founding partner of IDG capital, received an exclusive interview with sina technology.

for the first time in the webmaster Wang Fawen, talk about the practical experience of the recent operation of Amoy project. Do Wangzhuan guest promotion for friends, are not very familiar with, how to do the promotion, make Amoy first pot of gold is one of many friends have been a dream, in fact, money is not difficult, how much has great difference. See a lot of friends to do the navigation website, community website, forum and blog promotion methods and so on, must have a suitable way! I am here to introduce a Taobao shop special promotion method: to do "Shu Youge products" as an example, of course you don’t have to choose Shu Youge products you can go to search the mom, good reputation, high volume stores, few people do the shops. It’s better to do a little than that. Here’s an example:

day before the New Oriental.

, he believes, concerns investors may be because some companies lack communication with investors when they change the VIE architecture. He said, VIE architecture is an established fact, the two sides can actually be resolved through dialogue mechanism.


for U.S. investors recently on the enterprise VIE architecture of China concerns, Xiong Xiaoge believes that the overseas listed China companies are using VIE architecture, it is very difficult to change, but this structure is actually China and the United States have accepted model.

"the current way to make money on the mobile phone is mobile games, web games, and PC Internet advertising model is not the same.". PC Internet era, the content is worthless, and the mobile Internet era, the future value of the money." Xiong Xiaoge says.

Xiong Xiaoge believes that two years later, the mobile Internet will usher in a real tipping point. He suggested that start-ups do more original techniques, because they have the value of investment.

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said my January operation results how, at the end of 2 began to do every day now Shu Youge promotion, there will be out of order, there are about 50 of the average daily income, but also a lot of efforts to do some brand promotion, here is not the sun

Shu Youge beauty skin care products in the industry is relatively well-known brands, product variety, use effect, quality and cheap, the user has a very good reputation. In Taobao very popular, very popular with users. Compared with other brands of similar products, Shu Youge effect is the use of any more convincing. Some of the biggest domestic or foreign product prices several times higher than Shu Youge, but the effect is worse. The use of feelings and user evaluation of Shu Youge is: Shu Youge beauty skin care products, real quality in domestic! Shu Youge beauty skin care products, the price is amiable and easy of approach, a very high price! Shu Youge most products Commission in the proportion of 10~35%, the average commission rate of 15%.


Sina Technology News August 2nd afternoon, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge micro-blog this afternoon to receive an exclusive interview with Sina Technology revealed that, IDG now invest 1-2 mobile Internet Co every month. He also suggested that China and the United States solve the VIE variable interest entity through dialogue mechanism.

talking about the mobile Internet business model, Xiong Xiaoge believes that the ad model of the PC Internet era is not very suitable for mobile Internet, because many users dislike this model.

Xiong Xiaoge revealed that over the past 2 years, IDG capital has invested more than 20 mobile Internet Co, and now invest 1-2 companies each month. He said that IDG capital is now very optimistic about the mobile Internet industry, the investment companies in the early majority.

IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge

is an established fact

Xiong Xiaoge. China and the United States can discuss the issue of VIE through dialogue mechanisms. If there is a law, it can reduce a lot of instability."

according to him, IDG capital will seriously do market research, product analysis, and to communicate with the entrepreneurial team before investing. He admits that IDG capital does not invest in many companies in one area, except in some areas.


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how do we choose goods, how to promote? You can choose the whole store promotion and single product promotion, Ali mother login background, choose goods or store owner name search can show all Shu Youge promotion commodity. I choose two ways to promote the model, made a Shu Youge navigation website, I am here to make a website, interested friends can be a simple HTML page reference I do, the Shu Youge shops and selling a single product. Have a website you can go to the promotion, Shu Youge mainly operating beauty care products, so the main customers are mostly women, some women can go to the community to do some promotion, you can play for free! The best advertisement mildly, for example: you can present their argument, and in the group, the Forum JMS chat together, not directly on advertising, etc. familiar with the baby can be recommended, you can put their arms a little professional, to understand some of the beauty of knowledge.

"This is actually a legal matter," says

monthly investment in 1-2 mobile Internet Co