Explain the diagnosis and adjustment of site instance

1, title, keywords, description of what arrangements are no problem, but is a little problem, the headline is a comma.


3, no death, death, was the same with the server, it does not delete the article, so there is no death.

recently took over a site, where through the main website, know the site, first of all, the site is 08 years in the making, then a person responsible for the website matters, but has not seen the effects of the main key words of love in Shanghai has been ranked the third and fourth pages around, and later to network operation, but also did not see the effect, finally gave up, the company has been the person at the front desk is responsible for the daily updates.

4, the website structure, to do good, not what problem.


said the first station, the site is too low degree of the original, no 404 pages, is likely to be used, the title also had a little problem. Although the article can be included, snapshots can also update.


6, snapshot, snapshot is relatively stable, the next snapshot.

1, trans, trans number many, 3000+. The structure of the chain is also good, B2B and category accounted for 40% accounted for 30% of the blog, pure text links forum and other platforms accounted for 30%. But the thorough inspection found that B2B link quality is good, classification information is basically the recruitment information. The quality of the chain blog too, may be the chain before the responsible person and the person of the company network operation when the blog are news links, website content and completely unrelated, is purely the headlines at the time. Forum is basically the signature of the links are not completely related to the contents of the link inside the post.


2, 404 pages, web site map, the map is no problem, no page 404.


ranking, in addition to other key word no ranking brand.

server, because it is the domestic server, with the server sites have been filed, nor what illegal websites. The server is also very stable.


included, the structure of the site is good, also included more than 500 new, updated article also included second days.

I took over on the site to do a test, the following data share:

2, a chain, a total of 27 friends of the chain has 7 No snapshot, 11 other industries, there are 3 snapshots is 1 months ago.


analysis, the author began to diagnosis

The structure of

3, the original site article, basically is plagiarism, even false original nothing.