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from this point of view, the keyword Links the purpose of the rankings will be weakened, then you should change the chain anchor text mode, should focus on the introduction of the brand of a chain. Why should we introduce the brand key word? The purpose is to enhance the natural attributes and drainage sites, when the birth of brand word of a website, so the correlation can be solved, but the brand word to search engine has a certain weight, so in this background, friends of the chain began to change the original the word brand chain, obviously can effectively enhance the site’s weight. At least to enhance the site’s brand.

from the analysis of the above chain transformation process, and not let the owners come to a black, just from the point of view to consider the optimization construction of chain link, but the construction of chain appropriate changes according to the environment, to return to the core value chain website construction, you you will find the original chain can also do so, the effect of the chain of friends can also be the case of the excavation, and this is a lot of website optimization workers easy to overlook the place.

At present a lot of knowledge about the optimization of

from the beginning of the website optimization process, the anchor text chain in the vocabulary should use target keywords, which is conducive to enhance the site’s ranking and included, but if the site continues to rise, the chain of the anchor text keywords will involve the nature and related problems, this will effect the friends of keywords the chain becomes very poor, but as the optimization target site of results is not only to enhance the site’s ranking, but to enhance the brand property website.


but more and more found in Shanghai Longfeng optimization field, when a website through the new period, Shanghai has been love included, after also has gained some rankings, but found that his website appears to be a bottleneck to rise, at this time no matter how to optimize the site of the chain, including web site outside of the chain often, the role is not great, especially with the search engine algorithm innovation today, this change becomes more obvious, the friends of the chain using keyword anchor text to drive the site outside the chain way has apparently not recognized by the search engine, after all the friends of the chain keyword relevance is very bad.

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chain, such as certain relevance, how to find the potential for the development of the friends of the chain, and the number of friends of the chain don’t too much, but the construction of the chain are constrained by the author a framework, that is Shanghai Dragon and Phoenix optimization point based on the web site to do the friends a new chain, perhaps from the date of birth, friends of the chain effect is very big, especially those with your website weight chain is relatively large, it plays an important role in the rankings for your website collection and initialization.