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second, we need to know the source of traffic flow your site is where to come, so that we can know where we do have is to use, promotion where it is no use. Useful we will increase efforts to promote, in no place to do the promotion next time will not go.

wrote an article called decryption to get information from the sea in which statistical tools, this article is mainly about the love the sea would like to know from the statistical tools of information, to talk about today is that we can read what information from Shanghai love statistical tools, the website is starting from a variety of data analysis and these data can help us better understand their own website which is insufficient. Here we can talk about love in Shanghai read from the statistical tools to which useful information.

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on the site of the inside to see website today and yesterday’s traffic, and can compare the traffic today yesterday is up or down, if it continues to rise, nature is of favorable site. Here are a few data about the user experience we should pay attention to, IP and PV. IP high enough promotion, the higher the PV represents the content of your website that you can attract users, content and user experience is doing great. There is an average access time, if a user stays on your website for longer periods of time, content and user experience that you are doing well, if your PV is low and the average access time is very short, so that your website needs to be improved. If your PV and the average access time is lower than the average for the industry if you (of course, we can’t know the industry PV and the average access time average value is how much), then your site’s ranking will be in a disadvantageous influence. Of course, the bounce rate is as low as possible, it still depends on your website user experience and content. In fact, PV, the average length of visit, jump out rate is an important index to reflect your website user experience and content quality. This is from the chain for the emperor era to the user experience is king of the times. These data are very important.

can be seen from the picture, I this enterprise station fifty-six percent comes from search engines, direct access to Twenty-six percent, the chain access seventeen percent. Personal feeling this ratio should be relatively healthy, unlike some sites rely on search engines, eighty or ninety per cent of the flow from the search engine, this more or less makes a bit worried, single source of traffic is very dangerous, remember to read an article called do Shanghai Longfeng site will die only Shanghai dragon the website Shengburusi

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, which introduced very clearly that the risk of a single source of traffic.


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