Why do companies ranked Shanghai Longfeng superior to search engine marketing

has been with search engine rankings in two forms: A, search engine marketing, B, site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, but the two ranking model, which is more advantageous? Search engine marketing through the promotion of direct purchase, can change more easily for the website ranking. Another site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, is cost-effective, although the ranking is slow, but once optimized higher ranking, will in the future play a more extensive influence. The two seemingly equal shares, but the author thinks: Shanghai dragon optimization ranking, more superior to the search engine marketing. In case of a wandering on the choice of the webmaster, an analysis can be read as follows:

had to say, now the user is more and more "smart". In the keyword search, user demand information is most certainly the first click on the above information, but to say that really focuses on commercial customers do not necessarily think so. They have to do is often "order three", this time in fact is "Shanghai dragon optimization" the ranking has more advantages.

two: the wider the keyword

search engine marketing, do a keyword is a part of the money, but it can be a Shanghai dragon ranking promotion website whole keyword. To optimize the ranking, a key to get home, is likely to be driven by dozens or even hundreds of long tail words reached home, bring flow and more benefit to the website, for this point, really is no exaggeration. Why do some webmaster, enterprise, willing to do a one-time consumption of tens of thousands of tens of thousands of the rankings, rather than do search engine marketing? With this also have great relevance. For example: the word "Honda" to do so may lead to the home page, and Honda automobile network, " Honda automobile, Honda automobile to sell"…… In this way, users can get more accurate search.

three: more likely to win the user

: a more economical consumption

search engine marketing is how to charge? Did the promotion of the webmaster is very understanding. According to click to pay, but there are obviously a disadvantage. If others malicious clicks? Thousands of pieces of promotion fee may be a few minutes. But this is not true in general if the ranking of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng hire professional engineer to do search engine optimization for the website to make it more in line with the search engine rules to search engine home page keyword ranking is not so easy to be going on, at the same time the two consumption is a big difference. Of course, the search engine marketing is not Nothing is right., we continue to view. Do recommend a little finishing here, it is reported that today A5 station network also launched the Shanghai dragon ranking service (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai rank.html Shanghai dragon dragon) have this intention of the webmaster can refer to, personal trust A5 service, in this small push.

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