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About Zac

well, certainly not so much advertising, something worth sharing, small C is incumbent on the recommendation. Shanghai Longfeng learning solid foundation is really very important, although I said Shanghai Longfeng no technology at all, but really do not need to learn? Long before a friend told me to learn Shanghai dragon, when I started the establishment and Optimization in the station, he was outside the chain, the chain can improve the ranking no doubt, it is quicker than me; when I was in drainage to improve the user experience when he was still in the hair of the chain, he still felt the hair of the chain is the best way, so he finally tired of living. Because he does not know what is the Shanghai dragon, what is Shanghai dragon? He did not complete this concept, perhaps in his cognition of Shanghai dragon = chain + article? If you don’t go to study carefully the search engine principle, I believe you will like him, finally nothing. Study of Shanghai dragon is the most important ideas, ideas come from? Is not rich in theory how to create.

of the Shanghai dragon cognition

here I must mention a person, that is known as the first domestic Shanghai Dragon (which is not to be verified), that is above Zac, in fact, now many people do not know this person, but read the book written by him, is not very strange. This is a major feature of Chinese, you may read three years of junior high school mathematics teacher didn’t know what name is the wood there? Zac this 2005 began to study Shanghai dragon algorithm, founded Shanghai Longfeng daily post on this blog, here is the thing to have Tucao Shanghai Longfeng daily post now that is one year, occasionally update, search for "Shanghai dragon" is still ranked in the home, anyway, this blog is to help the thousands on thousands of Shanghai Longfeng scholars. Zac had 2 books of "Shanghai dragon combat code" "Shanghai Dragon Art" the former is called the Shanghai dragon is the Bible, each entry must be Shanghai dragon books, this book has many basic knowledge, of course, many are outdated, but still useful, worthy of reference.

often asked me a lot of friends in this station, how can home? In fact before the small C said when talking about Shanghai dragon skills need to adhere to any keyword ranking, of course, this sentence is nonsense, insist on is the premise, more needs to keep pace with the awareness that you become a qualified webmaster or Shanghai dragon er the premise. What is the times consciousness theory: + rich now search engine love need more competition means?. If you can completely control the three points you will become another Shanghai dragon Zac. Any IT people can become a Shanghai dragon Er, small to large to edit COO, as long as you like, Shanghai dragon will open the door to you. Shanghai Longfeng no technology at all, thinking decides success or failure.