The three stage of Shanghai dragon new out of the new optimization confused period

2, competition analysis

may include a more comprehensive, mainly include: title, description, robots file, site map, breadcrumbs, reading and so on, a lot of website architecture in detail, we don’t care about some details, like fine ALT attributes like are not to be noticed, but at the crucial moment they play a decisive role.


, the 1 key words

5, the chain platform to collect

laying station linkThe purpose of

1, website search engine


website optimization at the beginning, the choice of keywords is very important, if not how it will be called keywords! Keywords directly affects the development of the site and the direction of the promotion, only accurate choice of keywords, Shanghai Longfeng personnel to carry out the next step of

second stages: the stage of operation of Shanghai dragon

method is correct: the chain level you have to do to sum up in advance, then the platform registration, for example: the technology industry forum, forum, blog and so on, when you clear classification is also very handy when you use.

station link is mainly concentrated within the site weight, and improve the correlation between column and column, column and web pages, pages and pages, home page and column page, page and terminal and relevance, improve the user experience of reading comfort. At the same time, also provides unobstructed conditions crawling for search engine spiders, more conducive to search engine included.

first stage: the adjustment stage of

analysis of bidding, including his opponent’s two keywords, keywords, keywords, long tail keywords and so on, after accurate analysis and make deployment program keywords.

Submit !Keywords

website >


why to do this job in advance? The reason lies in the hair of the chain also want to pay attention to methods, instead of saying I want to up the hair on the hair, don’t think it is not made, regardless of its quality. If you do, then your website even longer time, also do not have what good effect basically.

yesterday, I in the technical forum, see a lot of new Shanghai, asking the same question, "the couple received a new station how to optimize?". Because, I do optimization now less time, more time in the study of network marketing strategy. But to see such a problem, I still want to summarize it, hoping to provide some convenience for the Shanghai new dragon. I put a new station on the line optimization is divided into three stages, through these stages, slowly to do will have the effect of:




station structure adjustmentI said this station