Network promotion from the site construction site optimization of eighteen kinds of promotion way

, bold text label

recommendation: keyword selection for your website promotion is a very important step. We must first determine the core of the web site keywords, users to search the core keywords is high frequency, from the search engine.

recommendation: META label shall be the same as the title page, each page should be described independently, should be in line with the current page content. META description for search users, directly affects the user whether the click, so META should be the same as described in the page title, provocative and attractive.

search engine seriously bold words, think this is the content of this page is important, so in one or two bold words your keywords.


suggested that in the process of website design, try to avoid the caption of an important design, avoid the important content of web pages with pictures to reflect.


50-100 text words with English; punctuation; META is picked from the description in the text, can be a continuous period in the content, can also be taken from the two paragraph in two words; META description contains the original title or similar; META core keywords describing the appearance density 2-5 a /.

: a dynamic web site can search engines crawl through convenient static page generation technology. The site map should be linked to the main page.


2, Meta

: each page of the website should have independent title, enterprise website each page should have independent title, this is one of the common problems of enterprise website. In addition, each page should contain the title and keywords.

page title words in 8-20 words, no more than 25 words (including punctuation); the title contains at least 1 important key words in the title; as far as possible without punctuation, if you really need to be English punctuation; the page title for complete appear in the text; as far as possible without the Internet appeared many times the page title, unless the concept definition cannot be changed. The page title to a concise summary of web content, can be provocative and attractive.

keywords competitors and user search behavior set for website keywords.

, the 5 key wordsAccording to the analysis results of

navigation design

Shenzhen website construction, website production company Tracy Zhang Yu, after a lot of practice theory we sorted out eighteen kinds of network promotion way in website construction:



page titleThe

site should have a clear navigation, the navigation links can enter the website each page.