saw Lu Songsong blog success model

popular maintenance

In fact,

, a website is the website claiming to engage, engage people. To understand Lu Songsong, is in the thousands on thousands of head of the independent blog comment, because I was in Shanghai Longfeng, need to do a lot of the chain every day, and one of them is blog, attract popularity, at that time, let me 10000 blog only leave the impression is, loosely, that picture. Has clear keep in my mind. I clearly remember, I almost every blog, will have his shadow, I always wonder, why did he have so much energy to every blog to comment, now I finally understand, because this is Lu Songsong, this is one of the important factors of his success.

user experience

many people have asked me what is the user experience, here, I want to say, if you want to further understand the user experience, so you Lou loose blog, you will understand: the user experience is the site of the first impression and I will come back in the future whether this site, of course, this which contains too much, such as web, web content, functionality, reliability, availability, convenience, pleasure, significance and so on, I believe that many factors inside this, any one will affect your opinion on this website, and Lu Songsong’s blog, for me the impression is: popularity, enrich and pleasure. This is why Lou loose blog leave my heart to the one of the reasons.

I believe most of the webmaster is to love Lu Songsong from his article, between the lines, we can see his heart and pen force; and his article, except in part, most of them are original articles, share experience and knowledge, for us, more than 90% of all experience, more than 90% people love, at that time, I spent several days to read his article, learn from the things inside, I spent a year can not get, so I also established my first blog is www. Shanghai dragon, I called him Shanghai Longfeng people. Today, his blog has been achieved in the second, he took today the latest articles for example, at 9:20 when released "AdSense" relationship with the AdWords of a paper, 9:57 when the love of Shanghai released this article, show time is 17 minutes ago, that is to say, a chapter also released, fell in love with the sea it has been indexed into its database, and then released.


heart knows, Lou loose for each new independent blog, would be very serious to visit, visit is not so simple, you will find that in the imperceptibly, you have been accustomed to his blog, is the habit in the thousands on thousands of independent blog, only his this blog will let you. I admit to a large part of his blog is to Shanghai dragon, almost everyone has to find other independent blog as Lu Songsong >

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