Meta code optimization Title Optimization Criteria a


2. Keywords

needs the uniqueness of the title, with a keyword search engine, if he found your title in this sorted list of keywords there are repeated and met up to 90% more than the title, it is no effect on your website optimization. So we need to have a unique title, the characteristics of their own website, how do we solve the uniqueness? Because do key words are the same, our solution by 2.

The title of the unique

4. title can’t contain descriptive words and phrases

Hello, I am. Some time ago has been busy with websites. So some of the details of Shanghai dragon is not for everyone to share. We all know that title has a very important role. Below about the optimization of Title standard to do a detailed introduction.

of the title "| – commonly used characters, _," how can we use these characters to standard? Small website homepage we recommend the use of commas (semiangle or English comma) or underlined, the directory page and inside pages recommended to underline. Not recommended, or | with > to consider from the perspective of the user experience

position titleKeywords The title of the 1. word limit of

position is very important, keyword location closer to the more easily users attention, words are more important, if you do "3 words, so you need to order important keywords lined, don’t ever put. The left of the title is the most important position.

in the title should not contain descriptive words, weights of descriptive words spread itself of the title, it is not recommended to contain descriptive words in the title, such as: first, professional, as payment, telephone, goods and so on, only need to appear keywords and website name can (small website), large website and brand the use of station site name on the line.

5. title characterThe

(2) on the website keyword combination can also reduce the repeatability, such as www.***贵族宝贝, the title of the website, we write "free information – Classification Information Network – Honey network |***贵族宝贝" so with their own web site, and use the keywords, site name and domain name combination repeatability is low.

Title is the title of the words in 25 words, less than 50 bytes is to meet the requirements of more than 25 words in the search engine, it is not to come out, different browsers words may have a difference.


(1) the company name or the name of the website can write up, repeat the name of the site without the opportunity, be careful not to use keywords as the site name, such as: the free release of information platform, named free information network, thus losing uniqueness.