On e commerce sites keywords ranking how to take cities and seize territory

: regather, keep stable keywords ranking

today’s electricity supplier competition is extremely fierce, but in the fierce competition in the market, the biggest strategy is that the quality of service, quality of service in order to make your business platform have a better user experience. For the electricity supplier site whether Shanghai Longfeng optimization or other marketing methods, the ultimate goal is to achieve the sales target, if our electricity supplier site cannot provide quality customer service service, so our customers very hard to come back.

three: the development of a variety of marketing mode of

The The fourth step:

service quality customer service

providers online marketing in many ways, we get some traffic in the ranking of keywords Shanghai dragon after need as much as possible to expand our marketing, let the target users stick to more of our site. Marketing means there are many ways, for example, price promotions, shopping gift, free door-to-door service, seven days free replacement products etc.. Or is the use of email marketing, micro-blog marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and other marketing tools, to obtain the target flow more of our electricity supplier site, and then through the second steps of the quality of services, improve the conversion rate of flow, so as to achieve the purpose of sales.

keyword search results page to obtain certain result does not mean that you are always the winner. Keywords stable ranking need continuous maintenance of the site. When a target keyword ranking first, we are not thinking about how to make money through the word, but should think about how to regather. Site of the Shanghai dragon strength still can not relax, and update the chain site still needs to be sustained and stable. If your site is stopped, then the search engine will reduce the weight of the site. But the ranking of the competition is fierce, you don’t step forward you will be overtaken by rivals.

when we have electricity supplier site keywords ranking, through the natural keyword in traffic, then how to quality customer service leave our target consumers we need to deliberate. The website should have clear content product navigation, detailed product introduction, customer service and sales customer service to contact to clear, conspicuous, the site’s customer service to online during the work, we try to give the user to provide the most professional service, so that customers of the network station has a good impression, in order to enhance the transformation of the site effective rate.

is the main site for the electricity supplier online marketing tool than the search engine marketing. The search engine marketing is around the keywords ranking, when a business site for a ranking by cumulative keywords continuously, electricity supplier for the site to take cities and seize territory on the basis of research results to obtain a high conversion rate is particularly important. Below the author to solve the problem about how to continue when a business site take cities and seize territory ranking.

two: to ensure the quality of customer service