talk about is how to increase the amount of included sea love

search engine is the original love, love a new article website, and if you’re not old original, even the article is not made, the search engines will not come. The original is difficult, pseudo original also have their own value, can not have no actual content, if the search engine found a lot of plagiarism, the consequence is very serious. Little more than a collection of reduced K out. Unworthy。 The scope of the original article must pay attention to the control, write range is too small, able to attract the keywords is very few, write too wide, and to ensure the quality, in short, you.

4, in the social media forwarding

3, attract more users to evaluate

2, multiple original articles

website must add user evaluation module, love Shanghai now have user evaluation as one of the "quality evaluation standard. Be sure to add, and to attract users to evaluate themselves, also can use Ma3 jia3 evaluation evaluation.

must have good website structure, let the spider can follow it, catch every page, to ensure that every page is living chain, chain is very harmful, the spider to scare away is not good. The website structure is not too complex, simple 3 layer on the line, the home page column page article. To ensure the purity of the structure of the website.


original article, must be the first time on their own initiative published in various social media, including Sina, micro-blog, Shanghai love blog space, blog, blog and so on Sohu NetEase. This promotion is an important part of the initiative, broadcast, plagiarism is much better than others. When all the places are scattered, others copy does not matter, your reputation has come out.

small business has nearly 2 years of time, say good, do not start from every little bit, but at least, slowly to the highest when the IP is greater than 1000, is small and have a sense of achievement. Especially the site of love Shanghai included, is the best I run, has been climbing, from more than 500 last year, up to more than 14000 of the recent (except the last big adjustment fell outside, I believe it will be

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1, the structure of the website to do



summarize my love experience to improve several sea included, website:

5, pay attention to the user experience of

the user experience of the website, the website is to do, faster, more optimization, use Yslow or Pagespeed for continuous optimization. Speed up, not only the user with comfortable, spiders also catch fast, "