See the love Shanghai popular keyword optimization from Shanghai dragon race

execution is particularly important in the long-term. Individual owners due to weak, "

insist for a long time to optimize a keyword popular keywords are a must, don’t expect to be in a short period of one or two months. In order to maintain a popular keyword in the home before three, certainly not without a certain skill. The most important work is to examine the need for a competitor’s site. The most popular keywords will have strong competitors, such as portal website home page, column page, the industry fell in love with the sea height weight products etc.. As for now optimization the word "electric business circle", the top three have been variable, high weight chain into large, some blog message has been updated, can be said to be very interactive nature of the site. Some by Shanghai dragon skills website, such as brush related keywords kk103. Understand competitors, consider their Shanghai Longfeng strategy.

in addition, we also see some high weight chain in Shanghai ranked the importance of optimization of love, such as the news website, the website of gov high weight factors. Many personal webmaster or Shanghai Er also took over the Dragon many popular keyword list, in addition to the purchase link, the text is to get a good method for the high quality of the chain. But need to pay attention to the growth of the chain speed and breadth. In the optimization of popular keywords, one of the important elements of the correlation is also considered the content of the website optimization. Pay attention to writing the relevant content and related text, can effectively improve the site weight, further optimize the popular keyword ranking.

3. is more important than strategy execution

is the most popular keyword index that tens of thousands of love Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng District of electrical game, keyword index of thousands, is a popular keywords, as a representative of the majority of enterprises should be able to represent keywords, but also a professional electric district of Shanghai dragon game optimization technology for the popular keywords of Shanghai dragon master who can better reflect. Although he did not participate in the competition, but real concern for the game, plus some superficial experience, but also to share with you some place.

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optimization is the same as with the general popular keywords Shanghai dragon, you just need to pay attention to every detail. Starting from the structure of the website, we should make full use of the site within the chain of power. The structure of the program, the target page where the keywords within the chain through import. At the same time, the optimization of well site URL, the website address of the static. Now many websites through tag related article page, but through the dynamic web page to achieve, often see ASP? PHP? This. In fact, the weight of tag page can be equivalent to a column page, tag static pages, and then imported into the target page keywords, can get good weight.

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