Share three methods quickly solve the website open speed

, a replacement web space

space is the basis of a website, is carrying the website development platform, but also affect the user experience the most direct factor, a space velocity of fast and slow, is directly affect the user can visit the web site content, under normal circumstances, a user experience good site access speed an average of not more than 5 seconds, if more than 5 seconds access speed, then this site is basically a fee, because there are very few users each open a web page has the patience to wait 5 seconds. So for the site open space is slow, owners should be how to improve? Today I to explain the rapid method to improve the opening speed.


can generally be CSS compression 1-5k. do not underestimate the K, but it is important for large web sites, and it would not only reduce some K problem? But now there are some tools to support the entire station compression, which can make the website of the volume, this way can reduce web page loading time.

compression "

two, use the tool

site open speed is slow, we can use the PING command to test the speed of super PING commands and webmaster tools, if PING within 60MS, so that the space of the original speed is also good, but we have to open the site when they used too long, this is the source of the problem. Typically, a web page size is best not more than 100K, is too big it will make the space used to load the web page for a long time, and we want to improve the speed of opening can use appropriate tools to "lose weight. If we can use CSS compression tool to weight loss website CSS code compression, as shown in figure

space quality on the network is uneven, for us as a member of the website management, choose a good space is very important. If the site is a window, then the space is the glass of the window, can block the exposed to wind and rain to see it. Similarly, a site can normal operation and development, the first step is the need for a stable space, which is responsible for their users and. Of course, not all owners are so good luck to get a stable space. Then the space is not stable, we need to how to solve it? In fact, one of the most simple method is to replace the space, we can open the speed from the number and website space IIS to test the speed of space, such as a website access speed is 10 seconds, regardless of is the peak of the Internet or the ordinary period. The access speed did not decline over the case, I suggest webmaster should change a space, after all this space for optimization and the user experience is not good. If the space is not stable, need to be replaced, always called customer service processing this is a temporary solution, the most direct way is to replace the space more thoroughly.