Several dangerous Shanghai Longfeng method of website optimization

4, the contents of a large number of repeat

in the chain optimization unreasonable mainly in several ways, one is the article in a keyword anchor several different links in a chain is the article too much, there is a different keyword is too much to the same link. These are the chain optimization unreasonable, an article in the chain the best control in about 3. In fact, the chain is also a knowledge, to do within the chain optimization, need to learn a lot of things.

chain optimization unreasonable mainly in several ways, one is a one-way Links too much, a chain is concentrated in a few websites, there is a kind of software to send the chain, there are a lot of garbage outside the chain. Why is this some is very dangerous? Links way too much, I think a lot of people understand, do not say. Focus on the reasons for a few sites above the very dangerous is this several website if there is a site failure or title, then you will lose a lot of the chain, it is bound to drop right or K. A lot of garbage outside the chain is very dangerous, once the search engine that will remove a lot of garbage outside the chain, causing a sharp decline in the chain, the light right down, heavy K station.

there are many websites take this way, this way may be short-term can get good rankings, but the long run is very dangerous. When the search engine did not find this to be the case, does not mean that the future will not be found. Keyword stuffing is down right or up to a few examples, the Internet can often see such a situation, so don’t use this way to Shanghai dragon er.

2, the chain optimization is not reasonable

many sites take acquisition or transfer etc., to do the content, this will cause the site has a lot of topics, once they are found in the search engine, is also very dangerous, according to the experience of feihe66. The search engine started just before too much repetition removed, this is also a lot of people have included new sites, but included total no reform, if you are not correct, day will drop right or K stand certainly, a local community site www.wodecheng贵族宝贝 I have seen this kind of situation, but fortunately I the treatment in a timely manner, to most of the original site, and delete the repeated posts. Now the amount collected is basically rising trend.


1, title keyword stuffing

3, the chain optimization is not reasonable

recently on the forum or blog, old people say their website is k or website pulled the hair. I want to search your site since the punishment, there must be some reason, it will not go to a website It is without rhyme or reason. punishment. At this time we are going to have a good analysis on their website, the following feihe66 said Shanghai Longfeng method of several dangerous.

feihe66 here this kind say is dangerous, if you can correct it, or save >