Talk about the three factors influence the website included rate

fixed in the case of "the actual number of search engines included B, A and more, the greater the rate of your website. To improve the search engines quantity became our focus. In general, the site contains more than 80% rate be able to say that this website rate is relatively excellent, while less than 50% is not acceptable.

personally think that the structure of the site is the impact site included rate is the most important part, but also the website optimization of a priority among priorities. A good site navigation structure, can let the spider crawling smoothly, so as to absorb more nutrition "". Bread crumbs navigation structure, site map, which can provide more channels for the spider.

with mathematical relationship can be expressed as follows: the website included P (Percent) = rate of search engine is included (A) / "the actual number (B)

The contents of The

Sites such as

I think the above is the effect of the main search engine included three points. If there are omissions, please add.

you are the contents of the original, or collection? Original content is fresh, search engines love new things. If the article is collected, it is the basic content of the flood. This fed every day, it is not tired of the truth.

site included rate is always the webmaster about the topic, into the webmaster forum, webmaster QQ group, basically every day we can hear about included some of the consultation or discussion. The site is included in the search engine included rate, percentage of the actual number of page number.

1, site

, and the weight of the website by the extremely close relationship, the weight of the website, the search engine will trust your site, that your site can provide more high-quality content to the user, will give you more opportunities to show.


search engine included the influence factors mainly in the following points:

The structure of ?In fact, the

we all know, love Shanghai and Google spiders love article on A5, has also been a lot of reprint. But if you look carefully, you will find the search related articles, the row in front of the station is always so few. Some may be temporary rows up, but every 1-2 days off, even not included,

, we need to treat. Improve the site included rate, every Shanghai Longfeng workers should first solve the problem, and this is particularly important for large and medium-sized website. Do optimization, we should not only focus on the target key.

on how to optimize the structure of the station, later to find a chance to share;

The weight of


3, website

site structure, should try to avoid Flash, frame and too many JS calls, at least for now these are not the content of spider love.