The authenticity of the news revealed 360 product vulnerabilities

through this information, we can draw two information, the first, the four securities companies before today, 360 products have been used, including 360 security guards and 360 security browser; second, the four securities companies, is today in reliability just realized 360 products "". This explains what the problem is? The four securities companies have been in the use of 360 products, but so far, there have been no any confidential information leaks, there have been no leakage of any customer reflect personal information. Just today, "emergency notice", disable the 360 browser and a series of products.

August 29th, search around 16:30 in the afternoon issued an hour "to build a safe, clean and effective competition in the Internet search market" in 360, the network appeared on the "4 brokerages GF mail exposure: disable the browser and the 360 series products" this report.

said the report, "GF Securities, Sealand securities, Guoxin Securities and Haitong Securities four securities companies have issued an emergency notice, the staff is forbidden to use the Qihoo 360 security guards, 360 security browser two software, and installed the two software employees as soon as possible to uninstall."

then they are suspected to 360 reliability products according to what information is not? "In the 360 browser privacy policy, indicating the 360 security browser will record browsing history of practical information on your computer." We can see that their information from the 360 self released product privacy policy. These "useful information" includes: browsing history, most web page screenshots, Cookie or network data storage, access the site you visited left on the temporary files etc.. This information is private, not as outsiders know, just ask, these information, which browser cannot record? Firefox, IE, Google and many other browsers, they do not record these information? The answer is obviously. Is it just because the 360 search crawler, this information will be collected

products with 360 self published information and suspected 360 products.


cloud platform vulnerability experts is cloud technology.

technology for expert cloud platform vulnerabilities, 360 search may be "not as foreign website backstage address, internal system exposed in search results," well, you provide keywords, we the people to search, whether there is secret information found? The experts also believe that the 360 search crawler ignore the provisions of the robots.txt agreement, the illegal capture of the website content, for subsequent data adjustment, there is a potential threat. I think this information, for the majority of users may think that search is a threat, but for the webmaster, release this information, may be to sniff at, because.