What kind of chain is conducive to improve the site weight

what kind of the chain is conducive to improve the site weight

website also has many, although not very successful, but in some less competitive areas, those rankings do also is comparison before, today and share what is the contribution of the chain on the site of the largest, believe that on this issue we have seen a lot of friends to write experience, but about the high quality of the chain, I personally feel should be more specific to some good, we take a look at a little experience on the outside of the chain that I practice in recent weeks the

what kind of the chain search engines soon after deleting

just began to stand, see a lot of friends to do the chain is the chain in a relatively high weight forum such as A5 A5, which is about where I often go, posts can say many times you can direct the seconds, but recently I found like A5 posts may achieve the second, but soon many outside the chain was cleaned up, the reason is mainly because a lot of water caused by the post, if a post words too like a word, and then put the top people and casual "published some good post, okay, next, passing" do things carelessly the reply to this post, so the overall quality is not high, and although the post is search engine soon included, but then the search engine feel no post what substantive things, that It will soon be cleared, this is why I found many friends with many outside the chain, but later had been deleted, the chain quantity fluctuation is very serious, it is not good to the website, the chain is likely to cause instability in site is down right.


on the chain is the summary of the recent Shanghai Longfeng experience deficiencies, please. More about Shanghai Longfeng experience, in the future I will share with you.

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what kind of the chain is conducive to improve the site weight

recently rose oil personal in the outer chain process, found a very interesting phenomenon, published a high quality personal experience in the Shanghai dragon A5, if successfully published, many friends found the post can be reproduced, and number of short time inside and outside the chain growth soon and, the most important point is to be reproduced articles easily after it is reproduced, and the number of the chain growth continuously, there is one point of such article was collected, the basic will not be deleted, then the number of the chain is also very stable. The number of the chain increase stable + high weights of the forum included will be very easy to promote the website weight increases, enter the keywords ranking will rise slowly. So the author thinks that the construction of the chain of Shanghai dragon without what difficulty, as long as the construction of the chain, pay attention to the quality of the chain, and in the high weight website forum steady increase, so the site weight will soon increase, ranking also point the day and await for it.