The new station beyond the old stand in the hold the line


4, the website user experience, the search engine user experience now is more and more popular, the search engine is becoming more and more important, if you are a regular analysis of the same site of words, believe you will find many similar websites function more and more powerful, the page is more and more beautiful, in fact, importance from this we can see the user experience, Bi >

"is the first to the line, maybe many webmaster friends will not understand the meaning of this sentence, because this sentence is my original quotation, hee hee! I’ll simply to explain some specific to the site in to practice. "The road" here refers to the new station when we are doing a good location, which is on the line before the planning, from the positioning of the site to internal optimization. "Hold the line" here refers to the US in addition to the planning stage, need to do more work, do not let the planning become empty". Well not wordy, directly on the content.

(a) site on-line before planning

of a web site planning undoubtedly determine the site on the direction of development, so it is very important for planning. What need good planning before we do the railway station? Because the different requirements of different industries, so I will not elaborate, only general and we illustrate some points:

3, the website keywords, the keywords generally we take the reference site with the aid of successful webmaster tools was selected to locate good website keywords, but here the author suggests that the webmaster must "Li" screening, especially the novice webmaster just learning to do stand don’t eat into a fat man, can develop slowly from the long tail word.

2, the overall structure of the site. After doing the site location, the overall structure of the site, from the distribution of template selection to the column are also very important, so this is the need to plan well in the early after I began to prepare to go in.


believes that many webmaster like me, has been paying attention to learning the content of Webmaster Platform, but never released any articles on the platform, not only for the other did not feel, also just a novice, who haven’t got enough. However, attention network owners for two years for the first time today by Webmaster Platform to discuss with you some of this two years for some planning and the views of new sites beyond the old station, because I was planning to do a new station recently, so regularly synchronized update for everyone some experience, I hope to help you.

Screening of

site location. The first step we need to clear our website is what to do, what belongs to the industry, is the enterprise site, or marketing, or personal blog for? Also, and must to refer to some good site in the industry website positioning before, to see how they are positioned, and in combination with the site itself to by combining the form of positioning.