Why Shanghai dragon will be affixed the scourge of the nternet industry label

three, love technical problems of Shanghai company of

novice wants to have a better development in this industry, we must establish a correct concept of Shanghai dragon, make overall scientific planning, so as to make use of Shanghai Longfeng more advanced work, we really like the outside world said, using the Internet to change the world, change our life, establish a good a name for this industry.

Why Shanghai dragon >

This is Wang Kaixin

Shanghai dragon, in foreign countries is how vibrant industry in China, has become a synonym for writing garbage article, the mass of the chain. Many people have heard of Shanghai dragon, that we will only on the net irrigation, garbage produced continuously, is a waste industry, the Internet is people like us to be confused.

I do the medical industry, often focus on some medical website ranking, once concerned as a Dongguan male 贵族宝贝120ka贵族宝贝 ranking medical website, found it outside of the chain is called extrapolation in the same place a large number of long tail word shop platform similar ranking, the chain construction has reached more than 50000 in just 2 a month’s time, as can be imagined this practice garbage black manufacturing industry how much content. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai Longfeng garbage content creation, still grow with each passing day.

Shanghai dragon

was originally Shanghai dragon is mostly used in electronic commerce the development in foreign countries, while in China, a large number of black hat false information is rampant, causing the user to be deceived, seriously affect the user view of Shanghai dragon industry.

, a Shanghai Longfeng personnel problem

Shanghai dragon in the domestic development time is very short, the real rise in 2009, nearly 2 years of development speed is very fast, but most remain in the new stage. This also indirectly caused a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel lack of knowledge, thought the Shanghai dragon just write articles and send the chain. So a lot of people swarmed Shanghai Longfeng this, this has also brought a bad influence to the outside world.

I feel distressed, originally we belong to the category of e-commerce, is the representative of the state of the Internet in the future, but because of various reasons, Shanghai was posted to the black dragon rampant, garbage irrigation industry cap. The profound reasons, I think that is caused by the following:

two, the enterprise itself

Shanghai dragon from just a few years of development, has become a reason not angry, bitter cheap labor, employers also there is a big problem. For example, the most enterprises of Shanghai Longfeng personnel arrangements, every day is called editor to write articles, and then extrapolate the hair of the chain, then the cycle of operation. This also led to the Shanghai dragon personnel’s knowledge and skills very low, just the irrigation post to the Internet, making a lot of garbage.