The social networking site optimization Shanghai dragon series Facebook

optimization some limitation in Facebook



how to use Facebook and other social networking sites do Shanghai dragon

, a social networking site in Shanghai Dragon

Facebook page page page contains very much in the noble baby, page can also take pure hyperlinks to websites, but also we specified user @.

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Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site, currently ranked first in the world. How to use the Facebook like this high weights of the social networking site do Shanghai dragon




is currently the author has designed a automatically on the Facebook registration, release, comment, @, praise, message software, will also support twitter, pinterest immediately, noble baby +, the LinkedIn website, as long as this article the author submitted by subsequent follow-up will bring several other sites for everyone Shanghai Longfeng Research Report.

value of resources

in addition to Facebook, twitter, pinterest, noble baby LinkedIn 4 +, currently the world’s largest social networking site, ranking in the top 100 of the world, the weight is very high given the noble baby.

first look at the screenshots below:

Facebook page log is only supported with anchor text links, the chain is very high

value is very high Facebook

Facebook page comments are generally open, only with a pure web hyperlink, but below the logo description is the anchor text link is very good, but the anchor text here is the automatic generation of Facebook according to the comments of the web site, you cannot customize the chain resources,

through the test and analysis, the Facebook can be used as the optimization method has the function of Shanghai Longfeng logs, reviews and pages released 3 functions, the other subsidiary functions, such as @, home message, praise, plus friends is mainly used for drainage effect of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix not what role.

it is Facebook to do with the Shanghai dragon, must use the page, because personal homepage content is needed after landing is visible, but the screen is not required, so the baby will only noble personal homepage on your home, other as there will not be any included, but almost all included page content.