To create a perfect website structure optimization in Shanghai Longfeng system

in the robots.txt file


3.PowerPoint and PDF

can be the perfect solution to the difficulty of our website search engine, and.

4.robots.txt shielded link

first, the establishment of friendly link structure

search engine optimization work is divided into the station, outside the station, we all know the station or station or if you do not, Shanghai Longfeng work will not be carried on. We know that the search engine is a software program that has both advantages and disadvantages. As the Shanghai dragon, streamlining operations throughout the site must be adjusted to the website, to search engine spiders more easily, reduce the difficulty of the work of the search engine, if we can do this, then we made a big success in Shanghai dragon nearly. So in the station optimization system sometimes is not what we think so simple, get a few OK, we should optimize to construct the whole website according to search engine spiders’ habits, optimize our emphasis in this article to talk about the station.

? Remember links / *?This

6. picture links

writing: Disallow: *

such a code generation, so the search engine spiders crawl your site map down.

1. sitemap.xml site map, plus

1.Javascript script

friendly, first of all we need to know about those things, the search engine link is not easy to parse, is also difficult to know, I generally give a classification.

Sitemap: 贵族宝贝

file How to establish the link structure of

the frame structure of the 5.frame link

2. with "inside the robots.txt shield?" the dynamic page, as shown in figure

2.flash and other

the above six points is the search engine spiders are difficult to identify, that is to say do not know the contents of the search engine, if you build the entire site, there are some flash videos and some pictures with no text, is impossible to see the spider crawling up, there is a certain degree of difficulty, but even if and we can not be avoided in the production of web pages, such as when we design the website for Industry restrictions, such as: KTV, hotel, bar, etc. some of the industry’s website, because most websites have to put some beautiful Flash video, that this time we do