To solve the four key problems make you successful revision of the website

website after the revision, weight a little influence of the website is always more or less, so we need the webmaster in website also need to pay attention to repair, such as a little more than usual high quality of the chain, to a little more than usual high quality original.


four: after the revision of the maintenance of

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so what good method can solve this contradiction? It should try to make the site down easily in the revision of the website weight will not end, the author thinks that in fact is not difficult to do website, as long as the attention in the four core problems encountered and solved the heavy revision, and timely, it can let you want upgrade

two: the original website content and keywords to keep

most webmaster for the website is always cautious, because the website accidentally caused by the right, will be in front of the hard but website who vanish like soap bubbles, there is no way to avoid, because with the passage of time, the function of the website need more in line with the user’s habits, to enhance their brand image to facing the revision, this is really a personal webmaster let in a dilemma


is part of the site within the chain is also the website structure, website redesign in the chain are most afraid of is because deleting part of the contents appeared a lot of dead link, once dead links can easily lead to the search engine with your site, so the best way is to keep the original version of the content, and also increased 404 deathblock links page, so as not to affect the weight of the entire site after the revision of the

is the core of search engine website content, but also the core of the website operation, if the website, need to relate to the content of delete it, then delete the best are those who love Shanghai not included, and the keyword of the website to be modified, but can be increased appropriately on the basis of the original, or to the appropriate modification in time to modify keywords, gradual change, so as not to let the search engine think your site is new, the weight and calm the succession of the old site of


three: the chain website

: a website structure reform can be repaired and directional

search engine included a website, will be the main collection site structure, content, code and other related information, if you put in the website, the website’s structure changed, the search engine will think you after the revision of the website is a new website, because in my memory the repository can not be found before similar sites, which will make your website weight all reset to zero! So the website to repair changes, such as the related module from this location to another location, change the site font and color, let the user feel more affinity! After another revision success in the website, but also the need for a 301 redirect to the website, so that you can put the original weights of the old station transfer to the railway station