From 6 to 0 weight share now and then to restore the weight and the lack of experience

two, the chain will not be too excessive for a single, single

Hello, I am Zhang Jiajie. Also remember that day in June 28th, I experienced, now in retrospect, remember. I will fall in love with the sea pupils writing network weights from 6 down to 0, and so the content page will almost K light, only part of the home page and column page. Because of the general situation, I also go with the flow of some love Shanghai bidding group took a look, found that it is of no help.

PR3, the weight of 3, love love Shanghai IP station data is not accurate, I was his 2 times


in just 2 months, I experienced a lot of things, but also tried many things. Here I share.

I am a dark horse VIP blog users, now still maintain more than 100 Sina blog, included only a few, now almost deserted. I spent 1 days to register hundreds of Sina blog, the first group after one week basic are included. And then add the chain link, now my sina is more than 90 thousand. Over the single is not feasible, because I was sending Sina blog, there is a time to love Shanghai is not even included in my original article, until I stop sending only included.

at that time, most of the webmaster is the development mode of collecting a large number of pseudo original + + a small part of the original + the chain, I remember right down 1 weeks ago, I collected more than 3000 compositions of 3 compositions on the website, all included basic love Shanghai. But later included a lot of drop, I deeply reflect the next, stop all the original manual collection, every few articles and a few chain. A month later, is not a little improvement. I had a friend told me that he will delete all the content of the website, then do a similar, only the original and high quality pseudo original article, do not collect the results of his site quickly to a lot of traffic, this is the second book, now the weight is good. So, I refer to it, decided to more than 3000 essay before me all at once removed, then the home of title, to love again Shanghai submitted a complaint. After a week, I love Shanghai reincluding article, although it has recovered 3 weight, but there are many things to learn.

for Tencent like Sina and other large web sites, they have a lot of articles are reproduced, but love Shanghai are included. Their website has experienced the sandbox, and love Shanghai for their very high degree of trust. So for the new station acquisition, this road is not feasible. Rather than spend some time each day to the original artifacts.

severe punishment

now I still maintain the Sina blog, but did not.

, a new station or not love Shanghai sandbox stand don’t collecting a large number of