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in fact, optimize the content above, we really need to go back to see customers? Specific technical process, basically 99% of the customers are not concerned with the construction site or the Shanghai dragon specific operation, specific skills, and these customers are not concerned about Shanghai and phoenix net station industry, related news or a large IT industry unless this person (the "

in the above verbose so much specific, want to express what? It is actually very simple, but when it comes to our optimization under construction site with website optimization related business website. Do you know the Shanghai dragon, the optimization is roughly in the station optimization and stood outside, a specific point, we say, content of construction with the chain. What we do? We are doing in order to correlation, correlation of Technology (some specific problems such as production site involved in the process and solutions, such as the Shanghai dragon skills sharing), industry correlation (website construction industry news what ah, Shanghai dragon industry what news, search engine, network marketing related, and so on, such as news), in addition to what

see the title they know, but this article is to love Shanghai Tucao user experience. Of course, you don’t get me wrong, but today said user experience, not the last time that Zac teacher’s blog to be kicked off the Shanghai love home, "what" strong insert this kind of thing, but today is their own experiences, say Shanghai dragon and web users experience their own body contact.

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says this, we will talk about how the occupation of a network’s occupation of Shanghai Longfeng Er, our company mainly engaged in network services, of course, our department is mainly website construction, website and website optimization aspects of the work, this is how his website, these two aspects the contents of. Said the user experience, I believe the industry peers also basically have almost the consensus, our customers, mainly concerned with what? Our customers are mainly concerned about two things: first, price. Second, the. For example, customers want to do a website, first of all he cares for the site you give me much money to do it, the hearts of every customer has a budget, the budget source, may be the mouth between friends, may also be himself by other sources, or he has no matter how many of you have cost and he only care about their own investment, is what he does not see, is a heart of budget. Only within the budget or volatility in the acceptable range, the customer will do this site, if the budget, I’m sorry, even if the clerk never labored, said they do not move the hearts of customers. About the results is also very simple, customers are competitors, most of the time, the site of the customer intention, is forced out of competition opponent, he will pass the observation of competitors within the industry, or he felt he did a good website for reference, under normal circumstances, the customer will like here this was like the requirements.