How to choose the high quality Links

the number of outbound links number is A simple understanding website links to other websites. The search engine’s score is probably like this: 100 points, such as the A site has 10 outbound links, so each outbound links 10 points; if the export link is 50, so each outbound links score is 2. In other words, if you have 50 Links website with a link, it gives you the contribution score is 2; if you have a website do 10 Links with a link, it gives you the contribution score is 10. So when the chain try to outbound links less number of sites do Links, see a number of other Links which can directly be clear at a glance.

exchange Links is an important strategy of website construction of the external links, Links good construction on the website of the Shanghai dragon will be of great help. As a novice webmaster, how should we judge whether a site belonging to the quality of the link, it can be judged from the following 6 aspects.

3 is related to the theme of the site,

in the choice of theme related websites, we can adhere to three principles. The first match type, such as the Shanghai dragon website for Shanghai Longfeng website Links; second is the theme of the Shanghai dragon website can also find network marketing theme website links; finally is extensive, Shanghai dragon website can find IT industry website links.

4 and other export link

website snapshot time can be said to be a manifestation of a high and low weight website, but not absolutely necessarily. The snapshot update frequency of updates with the website internal pages closely related. We choose our friends of the chain of course is a snapshot of time is closer to the day time.

, 2 time snapshot site

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Links rules, related topics and web link than not related to search engine recognition and score. Some people say that peer website is difficult to find, in fact, is not difficult to find, but will not find. The most direct way is to find relevant keywords website, another way is to link the QQ group. If you really can not find the relevant, only the second.

The number of

a lot of people will go to site included the other site in the choice of Links, when you see each other website Links than their website Dodon immediately and do when tread on air, link. But you ignore a simple question: how much is the total number of pages each other? If the total number of pages each other is 100 thousand, included is a little more than ten thousand, then the collection of this website is very bad, you have to consider it is not where the problem. The number of pages of a web query can use tools such as Xenu to climb.

1, included with the actual web page proportion