From four aspects of improving the user experience of the website B2B

of each type of website is dead again good law, if the site does not have sufficient content is no good, even if your site optimization is very good, is not enough, not after the user search engine in what can not see through it, you should at least have related content. Therefore, the B2B site you want to do, it will be bigger, better improve the content of the website included quantity, ensure each search engine has to grab something new.

B2BMember of

speed is a key to the success of the website, if your site does not have a steady and fast server, then you are not very successful, the website the day down, not open, and happened to meet the site open phenomenon, then the search engine spiders to your web site but also by at the door, what also didn’t get, then next time, it will not be so willing to come, this is It’s only human. was put dove, after all, I feel very fun. >

B2B website has its own membership, and you want to become members of the site, the enterprise shall register account it, but many of the B2B sites in the affiliate programs do this very place, let users fill a lot of content, what information should be, when the user is registered to half will want to give up, so we can’t set the level for the user, can make the best of registered members as simple as possible, or even just like information and contact their company on the line, no need to put all of the information integrated, this will only make the user feel afraid.

Set 24 hours QQ online customer service

site open speed fast

program more Jane better


B2B industry website content is king

when a user registered good account information released due to not familiar with the site, after landing in often do not know how to improve the information release, business opportunities, at this time, what they need most is often a wizard to guide him step by step operation, what problems can be solved at any time. Therefore, the best 24 hours QQ website online customer service, otherwise, will lose a lot of customers.

no matter what type of website, the user experience is very important, but for the B2B website is important, the user experience has a direct impact on the operation of the site, determines the success or failure. Now the B2B website but the success of the innumerable, and how much? If your website user experience do not at home, then you will be doomed to failure, after all, the B2B website want success or user experience, a valuable B2B website user experience must do a good job, otherwise, would be out of the. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) from the following aspects about how to improve the user experience of the website: