Enhance the net use chain platform used figuratively for studying hard

: correlation degree, stable and normal

: search for "big brand", recommended

: safety and stability, popularity, high weight

Links platform believe the webmaster all know, whether new or old station to a chain exchange work, I recently responsible for the company website Friendship Exchange, before did not hand what resources, only in the online search. Carefully study, a lot of friends of the chain platform for online classification, exchange form, a form of sale, some large Adsense sites also have foreign friends of chain platform, such as A5, etc. there are also special network owners, do a chain exchange go9go, choose from a variety of platform for the most important has the use of the limited time, the work efficiency is highest.

did not particularly good way for friends of the chain platform, the vast majority of people are looking for the search engine, I am no exception, because I have only energy, select the first page of the Shanghai platform for love the search results, and then extracted for their own, friends of the chain platform is expensive fine, but is not much, also can ask the circle of friends, recommend some stable weight high platform.

as I said above, not all of the friends of the chain platform are suitable for release, some friends of the chain platform management is not strict, link out of order information, it is easy to be a search engine as a "chain pool", I believe we all know that, in fact the friends of chain platform released information exchange, at the same time is a chain, or one-way links, so be sure to take care of friends chain platform right important high, don’t lead to their own website to lose, there is the possibility of K, if you choose the right, this will be a high quality one-way chain, reducing the web site weight, one should pay special attention to 24 hours the amount collected is website, through love station network tools to query the information quickly, think about it, if you release the information outside the chain is not included, it is not a one-way chain of the anchor text.

circleWhat included snapshotAccording to the Three point

: pulse sorting, interactive < >

platform needs to fill the website information, now a lot of friends of the chain platform have the information to the subdivision, do search function is also very user-friendly, more in line with the user experience, will not come to the webmaster platform, looking for a long time can not find suitable for their own information platform such as failure, and the is to show the whole layout is relatively clean, should be reasonable, not advertising. Personally think that the stage to change friend side, the first stage chain can be reduced, to increase the site’s entrance, sites such as PR and weight increase, and strict requirements, then we must refinement, general site chain control in 40 or so, many others will not change with you. According to the experience, to change the chain site the most basic requirements: three types and their site almost included in the site should be stable, the snapshot within three days, of course, like PR, Shanghai, the number of outbound links weight love each other have to consider. In short, exchange links do not have the law too, increase.