How should the Forum on Shanghai dragon optimization

6. increased sharing plugin. Share plug-in can share articles in renren贵族宝贝, QQ space, SNS is the site visitor cheats, if a person can get double the reprint, page impressions, it will bring a lot of traffic sites, but also very convenient to humanity.

1. pseudo static Copyright 5.

forum website, because more convenient, as long as the construction has certain popularity, the daily work is very easy and user management posts, too many articles do not need to edit and update. So, with DISCUZ and PHPWIND as the representative of the forum site has been very fire. Here on the forum of Shanghai dragon optimization details:

3. forum page cache settings. The page cache function can be a member often visit theme of temporary cache, alleviate the pressure of the server large forum. This function for the server load ability of the forum should try to open, not only can effectively alleviate the pressure on the server to increase the access speed, but also can increase the degree of user experience, improve the pageviews.

set. Many of the original page with title forum copyright, such as "powered by". We should revise the corresponding settings will be removed from the copyright in title to build a good forum, it is very important to streamline the title page weight aggregation. In the general forum bottom can leave your used forum copyright. Love Shanghai more and more weight on copyright increasingly heavy, so a key work copyright setting will be the future.

. Dynamic address forum posts are generally more often, with many parameters, it is not friendly to the search engine, will increase the burden on the search engine included, it will be more difficult. You can customize the post after the opening of pseudo static address format, it is very beneficial to the collection.

4. theme settings. Add a list of links to related topics of the forum, each randomly generated related topics, then formed a large net posts to guide post, continuous cycle. The spider will be uninterrupted in the net forum in grab the page, which can effectively improve the page number included.

Now many webmaster choose

2. site map. Love Shanghai has a "Internet Protocol" is included open forum, love Shanghai web search forum content set included standard forum website can forum posts made to follow this agreement to open the XML format for web search engine index, the post forum released voluntarily and timely inform the search engines love Shanghai. The "Internet Forum included opening agreement", the equivalent of the forum post is search engine subscription, search engine this platform through the love of Shanghai – the world’s largest Chinese, users will likely access to higher frequencies in a wider range to post your web site forums, and bring potential flow your site. This protocol is based on XML format "as the standard, similar to a site map, let the love of spiders in Shanghai included more purpose, will greatly increase the forum included.