Five points of the site and improve and optimize the conversion rate

according to the experience, this is one of the most easily overlooked factor but it will have an impact on the conversion rate of drama. Users are accustomed to search for those brand official information page.

ensure that the similarity of H1 tags and keywords to control the flow of


search engine marketers are particularly obsessed with some data, such as visitor characteristics and ranking, any successful SEM projects are determined by the final return.


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method returns quickly to improve the search rate of project is to improve the existing conversion rate. Even if the conversion rate will only increase 0.5 –1% of the entire company brought dramatic changes.

with a variety of media to test. Let the user through pictures, text and video to understand your brand, and understand their thoughts after watching. With enough flexible way to meet your target customer demand information.

is five of the most effective ways to improve the conversion of home page and pay rate:


allows users to effectively understand the content of your business is very necessary.

the main function and key points of interest to become the highlight of the text.

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the text should focus on product positioning on / to take the service as a necessary rather than just an idea.

trust should become the highlight of themeCorrelation of correlation Keywords

according to your advertisement or description, your users will have an established group. In prepending the landing page to set good related advertising language is very important for reducing the rate of jump. Here are some simple ways to increase the relevance between you and visitors.

domain name is very important. We found that the conversion domain classification test and keywords related products has increased four times, each customer case rate of return on investment is a gap.

The use of

do not use a lot of information is too rich to drown your users, so that they will lose interest and enthusiasm for the brand interaction. On the contrary, an interesting thing, such as a downloadable F& Q, demo or white paper and so on, these can assist you in sales work, and to capture the key point of sales.


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know your customers are most worried about most things and fear, and solve these problems.

images to strengthen the relevance because the picture is basically in the page buffer, the first thing you saw most captures your attention. Make sure it is applied to the title and is also used in the associated text.