Grassroots Shanghai dragon optimization to go to a war to win a middle course

Shanghai dragon as a subject, there is a very profound theoretical basis, and not in the eyes of the us do the chain, post so simple website promotion. It is based on the search engine as the research object, on the site of the entire layout, as well as the code, program, path, periphery made a series of optimization search can let the love. This one has the ability and the strength of the team is of course essential, we grassroots business website is difficult, the site itself has asked the owners must be a versatile person, must understand all aspects of knowledge. This has gone beyond the limits of our grassroots. If it is not genius, no time, no energy to study the system of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Since the system of learning, it is only a hammer East West a wooden stick to understand its fur. In this case, if you rely on the Shanghai dragon too, do optimization when on the web sites, is bound to make mistakes, it is superfluous, self defeating, I let liberty promotion rebate network just because of an early jump, fallen in love with the sea as cheating, resulting in the decline of many included. Therefore, grassroots Webmaster Station Shanghai Longfeng optimization must be cautious.

Shanghai, although it is difficult to do, but we can not ignore it. Because Shanghai dragon for a web development can really play a role in accelerating the. With the development of a web site a year to reach the level, if the use of Shanghai dragon optimization, three months may not be realized, which greatly shorten the growth period of the site, the earlier to the webmaster bring a profit, otherwise, webmasters may have yet to see the site hopes and failed due to lost patience. I took the liberty to make as an example, from March 2012 to May 4th, the domain name for the record date love Shanghai update, fully prepared to two months of time, from the development of a new website to become PR2, website weight of 2, are in for the optimization of Shanghai dragon. Effect >

with the rapid development of the network world, the major search engines have become visible in the invisible variety of children, makes many webmasters like a fly without head lost the direction of network operation is extremely unfavorable. Fortunately, the rise of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, let many webmaster and see the dawn, there seems to be a goal, however, as also Xiao Xiao loser tragedy, making a lot of grassroots webmaster died in Shanghai Longfeng optimization that in the end is that mark, why? I a person from I do let liberty rebate the experience of network analysis, optimization of Shanghai Longfeng grassroots must take a middle course can win.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization since emerged as a discipline, of course, has its practicality, and profound it. As a development in the website industry grassroots webmaster, can not ignore the Shanghai dragon, not obsessed with Shanghai Longfeng, whether you choose the former or the latter, you are destined to do the robbery, only take a middle course, is the survival of the grassroots webmaster. My friends here and discuss the reasons.