[Shanghai dragon must know the 100 sites optimization quiz featured 10 2 ] Q


finally, the procedures can be used to not let others copy the article even directly shielding acquisition software, do the watermark and Security page in the program, news content and image content, the establishment of security procedures, of course, this is more complex, need support, on the other hand, if the ban for replication, the user experience is also a kind of injury.

seven, there are several reasons why blog is K

website optimization problems has always been there, writing before the Shanghai dragon website optimization quiz series also achieved good results, since then a lot of people asked wood Shanghai Longfeng some problems, I put before the 100 and ask these questions together summed up the 10 representative questions, because it is selected and the answer will be relatively a little more detail, it is divided into two parts, the last has said the upper half, see below:

in fact, website content is copied or copied by a large number of rare cases will cause your site to be punished, many large websites will also leave a link, if the copy of your website will destroy your website, so the competition will have no meaning, so I think your site is mirrored completely is an accomplishment. Your website content is very good, don’t be afraid, continue to do the optimization, others copy station, your page is original, and the search engine is also in the fight against the mirror, everything on you this.


server, the server is also very important for Shanghai dragon, do not covet a small profit, and cheap, the server is not stable, the search engine spider crawled in and update website, if not normal visit, influence ranking, serious network:

website is not easy to solve this matter of plagiarism, people in the website, you may not have permission to delete. Like that is copied, basically there is no way. The theory is through legal channels, but the process is very troublesome. The general situation is not that necessary. Of course, you can also contact each other to talk about how to see you.

1, the content of the website cheating, many owners in order to improve the website ranking, often add some irrelevant trick search engines to achieve short-term traction flow, the flow is good, but the last is on.

2, The

second, love Shanghai webmaster tools have a PING function, a judgment method of original which is recommended by Shanghai love, love Shanghai webmaster tools PING function, can put the website content updates quickly notice to love Shanghai, love Shanghai so as to timely grasp and update.

six, how to protect the original


first, reasonable in the original article in the embedded you need to promote information, others in the copy or acquisition, general will only remove some links such as the embedded information will help you to do brand advertising, on its website.