Case analysis of ALT label Shanghai Longfeng effect

the author will briefly analyze the results. A: we can be seen as a search engine from the test results, whether it is love or Shanghai noble baby will use ALT attribute value to determine the image type, the value of the ALT property at the site of the Shanghai dragon still plays an important.


electronic website as an example, the author found a picture of the ALT property page. A picture on the price of the electronic map, the alt attribute value is: "North Huaqiang electronic market price index week trend". View the page source code, found that only the value of a ALT containing the words. I use Adsense tools of spider crawling simulation tools found in the pages, crawling results did not find this one word. As shown below.

we can see that this picture has no doubt been included in the search engine. Then we’ll take a look at this picture ALT attribute value. Look at the source code, we can find that the ALT property of this picture is: "bedroom _1780x1024 click browse a kitchen, try

often see many novice in the ALT attribute discussion at this stage whether there are values of the Shanghai dragon? Pictures using title and there is a need to use ALT tags? If the ALT attribute is not what effect whether or not we can not set, because of the abolition of the Alt property value can reduce the website editor or developers a lot of time. Then this paper will deal with these problems, through the examples to answer significance.

so I decided to look for the answer from the search engine’s search results. Finally I found a good case, first, as shown below,



goodWe first take a


then we to search this one ALT attribute word engine, the author is using search engines love Shanghai and noble baby two authoritative search. The results as shown in figure

first, verify whether the search engine can identify the ALT attribute


I can not help but have doubts, however the alt attribute is really worth without the slightest effect, even the search engine spiders are not recognized. Then in-depth analysis also does not feel strange, because we know the search engine is not very good to identify the picture, we can also identify the picture information effectively, can make nothing of it where a bottom. As a webmaster tools, we can only be used as a reference data, and can not be used to define the effectiveness.

as below