Do novice station station optimization guidance read on to understand the Shanghai Dragon

1, space domain name such as "hardware"

to each section of the title, keyword, write in a book, and modified at any time, it is best to hold a one-time written attitude to write seriously, because this is really important. We according to the latest trend in July 2011, now write the title on the "long tail word" surrounded by "hot words", so you can try to do the long tail word. Don’t grab the new hot word, like new Taobao customers don’t do "lose weight" products.

sites are in discussion with the Shanghai dragon ah, ah what search engine.. A lot of people found that each site and each post also is different, this may become overcautious, for fear of offending the gods love Shanghai ~ ~ I told you the cool cat several simple methods, you can keep updated every day. Torgovnik

When the site

, you must first think of yourself by what profit, and try to choose a topic of interest to do stand, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of you insist on not down, only interested in power. For example, you want to be a community, you can use DZ, a news DEDE, blog with WordPress or Dblog. The program itself has a certain degree of optimization, it is suitable for newcomers.

space must choose stable, fast, and good customer service, tens of dollars a year, but for the poor in terms of Shanghai dragon is more than that. Torgovnik

do a good 404 page, 404 page can be said to be the most affordable way to keep the spider. Just like we had a net, let the spider stay and repeated catch inside page. You need to do is make a page.


local debugging, write 301 redirect code, specifically how to modify can see the love of Shanghai. Check and test. Some local even modified to the next program, but on the line after the change, the consequences will be grievous.

use of H1 and H2, the content on the title, the title on the column to write, "this article interspersed.

domain name is certainly shorter is better, the best is the second digital Pinyin, the worst is combined with the symbol and. Of course, not absolute. Torgovnik

station Now many

2, the optimization of

some of the so-called master station optimization every day hanging mouth, but really do it but no details, this is why, because each station and each station is not the same, sometimes according to the methods of other people may lead to their station was K, such as medical stations and news stations do not. If it is the kind of professional you do stand in the industry, such as hospital station, then several contents of disease, if you add a lot of chain or your program calls will inevitably occur very frequently, keyword density etc.. Here some general methods for simple station optimization: