An old webmaster for optimization experience sharing

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I always think Shanghai dragon friend is very cute, would like to see the A5 in the above optimization work home on the subway, like in the early hours of the time not to sleep in the website data analysis there, when the love of Shanghai renewal they may cry may laugh. Have a friend to do optimization I said yesterday: " love Shanghai boss to update, 5 website optimization ranking all his flash to the thousands of miles away, this estimation is out of a job. " take today Shanghai Longfeng things I experienced and share with you.


from the 08 years since do very little has been written about the Shanghai dragon of the article, because I think Shanghai Longfeng things this is too difficult, difficult to have no one can understand the algorithm, but also feel too simple, simple to a new webmaster all know the user experience is the core of the ranking. Today to share what I do for so many years of Shanghai dragon understanding. I just write my experience, the prophet you pit how much Shanghai dragon Er

anchor text plays a leading role, through the anchor text, users tend to be faster and more accurate to find the information they need, this can be very good to improve the user experience. But I >


I see a lot of friends website title has a problem, here I give a direct example [Xiangyang website construction | leading Xiangyang website construction service provider – Xiangyang waylong network company] this title is used [keywords | adjective – brand word] inside this adjective is actually letting users have to click on the desire. Even if your site in other sites behind, still can to attract users to your site inside. It is important to attract users to come in after, very good to meet into the site through the keywords the user needs.

chain in the ranking algorithm is voting and guide the love Shanghai index, many schools in Shanghai Longfeng near students every day shuttle in the blog forum, busy send outside the chain, also bored. The chain guide can really love Shanghai index (1 was found recorded "link is enough), but many lovely students mistakenly believe that these his hair of the chain could improve ranking, look at their website ranking and I think we should be very clear. Let me say to buy links, links to buy what I want to say you can buy links, enrich the website, can meet the time into your website through keyword needs to buy, buy the same industry links, and can not buy too many (20 or less), can’t buy to sell links to the web site link. Don’t think this ranking will be very good, the role of the chain can only help you to rank up, once ranked in the home after the link failure algorithm ranking algorithm, user click start. Note: the new station outside the chain link to buy and throw rubbish will be punished (within 4 months of the website).

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