By advertising a monthly income of 3000 yuan experience sharingTalk about the whole point of foreign

Adsense every K drop an account, and not in accordance with traffic, geographical origin as absolute standard, but when a station traffic source does not conform to the routine, the account will also be K. So, with the aid of shlf1314

1. builds a multi user English blog that automatically generates HTML.

Adsense ads are also in English, English advertising highest price of 84 U. s.dollars, that is, advertising, each was effectively click once, you can generate $84 commission income for the webmaster. Generally speaking, 1000IP domestic traffic to do shlf1314

the overall strength of the national economy is not only reflected in the real life, but also reflected in the network, shlf1314



2, search advertising alliance belongs to the company name, without the company’s alliance, had better not join, of course not absolute, depending on the specific circumstances, it is better to operate a company advertising union!


3, the address of the search advertising alliance company, to avoid the same address of different companies, such as 10 companies are that address, then consider carefully.

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1: use foreign search traffic to do shlf1314 Adsense

Hello everyone, a few days ago for my day 4000ip site to write several articles about how to flow, and today I come to talk about my website monthly income of 3000 yuan download website experience. My level is limited, not a subject to further my opinion, can only speak generally! Because do stand for more than 3 years, the heart has a sense to say a few words, I hope some newcomers can play a guiding role, it is hoped that an expert to pointing to billion space www.129yy, is fast! I downloaded

two, recommended advertising alliance Revenue: "recommend me to contact the better advertising alliance"

first, select the advertising alliance to pay attention to the elements:


Adsense English advertising, generated click income is about 150 yuan. Often a webmaster, making a English station, also produced a third page, go to the station English temptation users on advertising, to create high commission, but this cheating is very easy to be shlf1314


Adsense is a high-end form of income. The so-called English advertising page, is the website and content is pure English, inside the shlf1314

4, check the advertising League domain name information, such as record information, registration time, time ranking, etc.

Adsense Chinese advertising, generated click income is about 10 yuan, 1000IP foreign traffic to do shlf1314



Adsense English station to obtain a high income security and stability, it is necessary to obtain the real foreign traffic, but for most network friends, my English is not up to standard, the English tone is a problem, if you want to ride the battlefield or English difficult point. In the network, a Chinese blog or Chinese Web site, as long as the content is included in the search engine, then always more or less produce some search traffic. So some webmaster will use the acquisition software, batch collection of blog or BBS in the article, and then tidy up to a web site, and then a huge article data, to obtain high flow. Then, if you have a large number of English articles, then it will also bring large flow of foreign search traffic. Here’s a way to get high traffic using English Blogs:

Adsense to find, because the English station, it is impossible to flow from China, this is the most common method of operation of English station station, is also the greatest probability of a K method, shlf1314

Adsense click advertising in China’s advertising unit price is at around 1/15 of the foreign unit price, that is to say, the same labor pay, in foreign countries than in the domestic income of 15 times. So the English ad page becomes "shlf1314

1, search advertising union name, to see how users evaluate it.

thunderbolt Alliance: a website for download, thunderbolt alliance is indispensable, at present day can get 8 to 10 yuan in advertising, of course, for my website 4000IP, a cost of 10 yuan is too little, after that will be better! You can go to see

Asian friends Alliance: we all know that this alliance is recommended as long as users join, you will have money, of course, money may be trouble spots, but it is still very easy to make money, so we just try to go to recommend, or earn a dollar, although members, is inefficient members also have $0.2 a also, there are 1.2 yuan, it is also good, my website one day there are 30 to 50 registered, about 40 to 50 yuan income! Recommend you try to do this when the alliance! "

advertising media: advertising is good publicity, easy industry is relatively well-known, pop-up ads and rich media ads are more strongly recommended, every day can get 10 yuan of advertising publicity! Easy also in A5 advertising, of course I’m not as easy to do promotional advertising, I just love this advertising, timely payment, as long as you have a good website, adding advertising is the best choice, but the premise is to achieve the 4000IP website to join, this is a mandatory requirement of