Gao Xiaoshuang is Taobao still making moneyWill shlf1314 AdSense pay me this month


these payment reserves include the payment reserve you set yourself. You did not receive the payment made by the Western Union payment last month or change the payment retention after the name of the payee was modified. You must cancel the reservation before 15 of this month in order to receive payment this month.

friends early to do an e-commerce site on the www.zc-shop that considering the cockroach medicine e-commerce website cockroach medicine basically no, but considering the competition less, so he wanted to break out from here, at present the industry to do less, know less, is not after the mining potential.? now the people to demand more and more high life and health, so the cockroach affects people’s physical and mental health, so a friend to observe a period of time, the market found cockroach medicine if well, is very good, and now the most profitable industry is about health, because now people are most afraid of health problems is your own, if it is to spend more money on health is worth, and now it is for cockroaches inside the city more and more. So this is a viable industry for friends that are currently found on the web.

first, our payment time is every month of the end of the month, about 25 to 30. Payment after payment is a retransmission at this time, so at other times there is no payment.

second: confirm the PIN code and phone number by the 15 of this month.

number 1: your account revenue reached $100 last month.

now, you just go to the 4 conditions in your account check above, can immediately know the end of this month will pay to you

please note that if your income in this month 1 after it reached $100, then you can only wait until next month until the end of the payment.


may be a bit far, but now look at the Taobao customer, how should we make money? Mining and found that others do less industry is to, others do not know the industry, so that you do this kind of products for Taobao customers, so will let you make a pen friend cockroach medicine e-commerce website is very good, and I was at a friend’s appeal, do the Taobao customer product promotion, the first is to help a friend to promote his product, there is to earn some money, but it is not convenient to disclose the site, but now have good benefits, the monthly income is considerable, prove that the higher desire for better health and only picked up the needs of users, we send it can make money.

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if you have any payment in your account, there will be a red reminder box to remind you. To get rid of these reservations, simply click on the link in the prompt and follow the instructions.

if you enter PIN code or confirm your phone number after 15 this month, you will not be able to make payment this month.

look at today’s Taobao customers, has been too many people find it easy to make money, and do more and more people than those who use more time, who approaches, who promote good, who will earn more, previously included in hundreds, now only a few poor ten yuan or less income than ever before, just because of the development of the network, the competition of the market, when many people, when less porridge, so we should not consider how to let yourself get more porridge?

fourth: release all payment reserves before 15 of this month.

let’s see if you will pay this month. If you can pay in the end of the month, you need to meet the following four conditions:

many publishers have written to us asking whether they will pay him the same month. We know that our payment process is complex and many publishers don’t know much about it. So today we will give you a clear account of our payment process to help you know when you will pay.

did Taobao guest friends all know, a lot of people are talking about Taobao talk of making money off the road, some people earn several hundred dollars a day, some people a day made thousands have really opened up a way to make money online, this is another easy money road advertising alliance since Taobao, off it, how much money the brilliant achievements of the road, but was only know not to do, is the envy of friends before, the monthly income is very considerable. Than to work in the company, do business to the money fast, but the biggest advantage is no risk, the risk in the network basically are very small, especially like advertising and Taobao customers, only need to input a domain name, a space charge, basically the rest is human, and of course, time, time is money, is equal to our investment.

third: submit tax information before 15 of this month, and choose payment terms.

well, you should now know only your account at the same time to meet the above 4 conditions is the end of this month, we will send you the payment. Any one of these conditions is not met, you will need to wait until the end of next month or later.

similarly, if you submit your tax information or choose the payment method after 15, you will not pay for it this month.