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2014, Chinese nuts market reached 55 billion 600 million yuan, of which electricity supplier channel is 4 billion yuan, accounting for the total size of the market is only 7%. Chinese food industry association related personnel have predicted that the market size of 2015 electricity supplier channels can reach 8 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan. The bigger market actually means more intense competition, such as the transition to the next line store becheery, Ichiban shop is three squirrels underestimated opponent. The former, in September last year, was sold by the "miss you" purchase, the first quarter of this year revenue 800 million, >

chalk network is also a combination of the Internet and traditional industries. The project is chosen as an educational and training field and an online communication platform for educational trainers and learners. On the first day of the line, it contains nearly 50 subjects and nearly 400 certified teachers.

users students after registration, first choose their own areas of interest and teacher the system automatically according to the recommended teachers, then you can enter the page, see have to pay attention to dynamic teachers, and expand exchanges with them. The page structure of the home page is very similar to that of micro-blog.

founded the company won the IDG capital of $1 million 500 thousand A round of financing in the beginning; July 2013 announced a $6 million B round, led Party voted for the capital today, IDG with the cast; in 2014, three squirrels completed C round of financing, a total investment of 120 million yuan capital today and IDG capital.

early in 2012 in Anhui Wuhu DUBAO district created a "three squirrel" brand, the characteristics of just four years with Taobao’s dividend and category, has become a big name in the nut industry.

chalk network official website shows, will also introduce iOS and Android client, which will allow teachers and students to communicate before more timely.

‘s attention was finally on the line today. He said it was concerned with the team behind him, a pioneering project by Li Yong, President of NetEase’s former portal division.

in addition, three squirrels have tried to develop a multi brand strategy, respectively the main leisure food such as the butcher’s "squirrel baby", as well as the main tea series "squirrel mei". But these two sub brands were closed in the second half of last year, and its head of public relations has responded that it is for tactical adjustment, as well as actively prepare for a new round of financing.

in addition to the exchange, there are "teacher hall" and "information room" in the website, you can pay attention to the new teacher in the hall of the teacher, in the information room to find, Download all kinds of information you want.

, according to Taobao’s data, they won the first sale of snacks, nuts and specialty items in 2013-2014. During the Chinese new year this year, three squirrels in Tmall’s sales reached 420 million yuan, 500 million yuan to sell special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, orders amounted to 3 million. Last September 16th, the company announced the acquisition of the total amount of 300 million yuan in the fourth round of financing, the investor Weifeng Swiss fund, said the valuation reached 4 billion yuan.

however, education, training institutions and teachers exist all over the country, and the market share is very scattered. Through the Internet to integrate these resources, as a platform web site, or very opportunities.

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for this reason, the team has expanded from pure nuts to multiple categories. Part of the reason is that the so-called "explosion" in sales face greater challenges, such as Taobao class platform on the slowdown in electricity providers, or by the impact of multi class electricity supplier on the sales scale. So they have to increase sales by expanding the category.

CEO "squirrel daddy Zhang Liao source said that in the past 2015, three squirrels operating income reached 2 billion 500 million yuan, 43 million yuan of tax, fiscal year 2016 revenue plan is 5 billion yuan. He admitted that the biggest challenge for the company in the past 2015 was how to switch from a small business to a big business.

from the specific coverage of the field of view, which has the market of education and training courses, such as PubMed, the civil service exam, judicial examination, examination and so on, and to absorb the political Ren Rufen, including postgraduate masters.

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in these areas, students have the willingness to communicate with teachers, and teachers also need public praise among students, as well as various channels to promote themselves, start fame, and get higher market value.

education is a big market, both teachers and students and parents have become more and more accepting online professors and learning methods. Therefore, education has become a hot segment of Internet entrepreneurship in recent years. There are many inside this direction, such as in the field of education, to training, to have C2C knowledge sharing interest learning; on the object, with children, with adults; in the form, with the main line, cable and line combination etc..

in this project, how to find more famous teachers, should be one of the challenges. Only a large number of famous teachers are settled in order to attract more users, which requires the background and resources of the next line of education.