Adsense encyclopedia Yue Dialogue world lead you into Wangzhuan stormMa Jiajia started again how to

webmaster Encyclopedia – Strontium strontium: that garbage station is to rely on advertising to make money?.

Yue world is now: nothing, garbage station well, the user experience is second, making money is the first, but the page to make it look good on it.

hunt cloud: what kind of target users does High target?

from the current point of view, High is more like a female mobile question answering community App, content basically is the large scale style, from the topic "and kissing her boyfriend, his hands will be placed where" to "how to eradicate the male vote" reluctance "those ambiguous objects are involved.". In addition, the community has many "war" bitch "day dish" and "little meat" Gay honey "this kind of distinctive style of vocabulary.

Hunt: please say "High" in one sentence".

therefore, hunting cloud network to interview Ma Jiajia himself, the following is the full text of the interview interview Ma Jiajia’s record:

: the strontium strontium and life rubbish feel like ah, I really want to know, a garbage station, everyone said to rely on the acquisition, not what the value of the user, it is exactly what

mention Ma Jiajia, she has already been put on many Tags: Internet thinking, 90, entrepreneurs, fun supplies, humor and maverick, etc.. Born in 1990, she had an unusual way of thinking and doing things, and thereby spawned an alternative experience.

Ma Jiajia: a new generation of girls, influenced by American culture, is neither clever nor wild. Neither milk tea nor Pan Shuangshuang’s Emma Watson girl.

Yue: do garbage station, or a lot of ways of making money, usually make money on advertising alliance advertising, as long as the user can make money in general, put three advertisement better, CPM, CPV, CPC, CPS almost no conversion, CPM and CPV. No matter from any local station has entered the income, easily earn.

Ma Jiajia’s personal style, as some time ago, Ma Jiajia at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel for the new product team held a press conference to kill party open up a fresh outlook, Matt, nude model, each net red together, is also known as the world’s best conference.

: now the world veteran to Yue is not well, garbage station group construction literally built a lot of garbage station, ha ha, with some say, is to do three or more than three stations of the stations, the content is collected, so we used to call the garbage station.

now, in the bubble no, "curtain" after, Ma Jia Jia embarked on a new journey. On the one hand is the chief editor of a fashion magazine New Media Group, on the other hand, start again, at the launch of High community to this new woman, carrying her new dream, as she wrote in the new year "at least do a very niubi".

Yue world is: Hello, I’m here, oh,


may have experienced, from the pursuit to questioning, from Carnival to quiet down, from peak to trough, Ma Jiajia’s mentality and ideas are more practical or feasible.

Ma Jiajia: in twenty-second Century, the most red but soon red new female community.

?There is make money?There is Adsense Encyclopedia –

Abstract: Ma Jia Jia, she has already been marked with many: Internet thinking, 90, entrepreneurs, fun supplies, humor and maverick. Born in 1990, she has an unusual way of thinking and doing things.

Yue Shixian: Yeah, most of them are relying on advertising, of course can also sell some of the monthly, I sold some to the car company, package, CPC, the best way to put in the content page, and the contents are mixed together, so click will be relatively high, such as sh419 and put nine wins good. 9 win a little color, if it is placed in health and entertainment category, the effect is good.



webmaster encyclopedia strontium strontium: even if you and the content of different ads, you can also sell him advertising, this will affect the user experience?.

This seems to be in line with

Yue: do stand group, I think first of all, don’t be afraid of the K station, for example, the target is 10, so in this process, K is a, immediately do one, it is always to ensure that there are 10, if it is so long, is to pay attention to not only the optimization SEO optimization, I said. My experience is that new sites have not included, when the collection of some, and so on, with a collection of control every day a number of collection. My station general, I control in 200 to 300, and I also found that more than 20 thousand of the stations can also collect more, >

webmaster Encyclopedia – Strontium strontium: Yue brother is a veteran of the station, and that brother and we talk about what is the construction of garbage stations,

graduated from the University in 2012 opened up interesting shops, after less than a year and a half, and with no global technology Co. Ltd. was established in Sanlitun flagship store of their own, and a unique personality on the Internet hot topic. Therefore, 2014 is the life of the most tired one year for her, with the sudden flood type plunder, blind worship, unprovoked attack, it will bring N opportunities, N identity, N partners, N times of trial and error.

Adsense encyclopedia strontium SR; Hello, at three o’clock in the afternoon, Wikipedia interview group, founder of science and technology researchers, who now lead you into Yue Wangzhuan storm. Everyone warmly welcome.

webmaster encyclopedia strontium strontium: Oh, ah, that’s for a station group, want to do it for a long time, how do we go to maintenance, how to optimize