College Students’ nternet Entrepreneurship learning innovation and persistence Part Actual combat

yes, some people say, CPS is difficult to do, I admit, it is hard to do, but if you have mastered the promotion skills, you can base on the present and future advertising profitable industries, what is the following skills? Began, for example:

at the beginning of the post I contact some post every day to communicate with peers, let me understand the whole process of the post, I gradually understand post writing, account registration and use skills, doing this post after three months I established the first site of life with the help of the site, the first is a tourist site, this site is also my business start on the road, I am here to talk about how to learn from the experience of the first site to enter the stage of profit.

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if you want to do advertising, please first understand, alliance operation and profit model, advertising alliance is composed of three main components, A: advertisers; B: promoter; C: alliance. Advertisers advertising, promotion to the union is responsible for issuing promotion, advertisers need to get the advertising effect, after all that is required to obtain a true customer consumption, such as recharge, shopping and so on, there is no free lunch, no advertisers are willing to own a lot of advertising for a cluster of false registration or false hits, the reason I believe an empathy can understand, so too was found alliance, advertising model, the future development will be led to CPS, CPM, CPC, CPA believe that we have done, but also believe that most people have tried to cheat, but I believe that most people know the flow for advertisers without harm No benefit, only the loss, then, the domestic large Advertising Federation also all turned to a large number of CPS advertising, to actual sales quantity of products to convert advertising commissions

yes, CPM, CPC, CPA to make money fast, fast to cheat, but I dare say, the absolute profit less, large sites except after all one hundred promoters may not have access to the 1 day in the tens of thousands of real IP station, then use cheating method, a few days ago may block and advertising alliance the LORD did not pay attention, but the amount, you immediately have the risk of being blocked! Hard to cheat for a period of time, the likelihood is 0, of course, this can not blame the alliance, who told me of cheating, the world did not such a good thing, advertisers lose money let you

second is the innovative content innovation website, when the site operation classmate told me to articles can be reproduced on the Internet, when I started in accordance with his proposal to search for articles in many tourist sites, and then copy and paste to your site, remember the day when I search for the title of the article found himself in dozens of sites, I think if I own a title so my site is in the first place? So I gave up the article reproduced this practice, beginning to write a few articles, and then add the title of the novel, such as when a few days I found in the online search original title search is able to find their own website before the two page of sh419, it let me know the content of the web site or to the original, this is my operation Second major innovations of the site.

you did CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS advertising, then entering the advertising industry friends will choose CPM, CPC, CPA three, the reason is that the money fast, easy to cheat, but here to tell you that if you just to earn pocket money, you do not continue to look down, if you want to be a real promotion or advertising alliance occupation, want to get great benefits from the League of friends, please read this patient, hope to help you!


was the travel site after the establishment of my study of specific affairs of a website, the students told me website is a combination of domain name + program + space, domain name can be registered in the domain of business registration, you can download free space available on the Internet to the space rental, I made a website after having the foundation of innovation. The first innovation is the innovation page for the web site, I do not really understand, but feel travel site should focus on tourism, such as Shandong famous surfing in Qingdao, so my site why not Qingdao surf pictures placed on the front page with them, so I ask the students through hard work, and help in the in the network, and finally through the replacement of picture code will be added to the home page of the site of a surf map transposition.

third innovation is for users of the website communication innovation, originally my site contact way is directly in the page left a , in the site operation after a stage, I >

so, on this theme, this is a kind of advertisers wish you earn more and better models, of course is CPS, the more you guide the consumption quantity, advertisers earn more, in the same way, on the other hand, if you are willing to advertisers, to bring you the real consumer members of nature is the title? Not like

Hello, I am a student from Shandong school sophomore, from freshman began under the leadership of the students I have also entered the Internet to do a part-time job, I remember the beginning is together with the students every day to the forum post, now I remember when the price is allowed to send 5 of each site posts, each post price is 5 angle, post 48 does not delete the effective post, just started doing this Wangzhuan every month can earn hundreds of yuan, and now I have become half into the Internet has a development site two profit site, webmaster, and my business experience is: innovation, adhere to the road.

for the myth 365 promotion League union.myth365/, first of all, you must understand the advertising policy notes, to present CPAS >