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one, online education is a new form of education

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check collection procedures

note: some of the company’s cheque is valid, so to handle collection procedures as soon as possible! For example, marked "VOID AFTER 90 DAYS" on the par, which means that the check is valid for 90 days.

online education

in the square dance aunt who jump out and began to talk about panic buying gold online education today, as in the traditional enterprise training industry for many years the countersunk cart, do not talk about online education is not scientific, but after all, is what excitement, does not understand the technical language so much deep view, is offbeat, welcome small owners.

but in a piece of the Internet on traditional education subversive and revolutionary vision, also should have a clear understanding of this process will be long and gradual, at present, we are still in the process of chaos in infancy, there are still many unknown, in the excitement at the same time keep some rational, if quick, fantasy cookin three years a master, then the Huashan mountain, only to have up early to catch a late set or fall in the market on the road exit embarrassed.

but there are so many ways to learn, a single form of simulation is difficult to replace classroom learning, including the current highly regarded "flipped classroom", including MOOC. It is believed that classroom teaching is an indispensable substitute for the Internet for a long time before disruptive technology can replace classroom learning completely. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the Internet can only be an educational technology based on the needs of learners’ distance learning.

has its own Internet associated with the Internet education, after many years of practice has proved that the Internet education did not replace the traditional classroom teaching has become a revolutionary mainstream form of education, online education products currently largely still in the PC era: cloud, big data, mobile learning and other cutting-edge concepts are rarely used, at best is simulated the effect of classroom on the Internet by using multimedia technology.

is constantly improving in its Internet infrastructure, and new theories, technologies and tools are emerging


needless to say, the Internet penetration and transformation of traditional industries is an irreversible historical process, in this process, after the search, shopping, social networking, online education field by absorbing the vertical flow, the birth of par BAT company is a high probability event, the Internet is not cultivating virgin land, the new industrial chain provides a large number of business opportunities, have the privilege to witness and put into this node is undoubtedly lucky.

education is an old but evergreen industry, complete witnessed all of human history and education related science and technology invention and application, papermaking, printing, radio, television, satellite, computer, laser Phototypesetting, multimedia and so on the invention of technology, not only did not subvert since Confucius classroom education form, but because of the application of these techniques to make the classroom teaching form and means to constantly improve, enrich and extend, make classroom teaching more effective.

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