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in the assessment of the difficulty of financing, there is a situation must be singled out and discussed, that is the company’s flawed situation. What is the company’s flawed? For example, there are no good stuff. Equity in the company, such as team founder of the proportion of shares have problems, such as the ownership is not the share of people accounted for, such as flawed data data is very poor, a lack of data.

valuation of more than 5000W of the project, to see whether the company itself in hot industry or unpopular industry. Hot industry refers to the market there are many many successful cases in the industry, if the company in a hot sector, so the reference industry financing success rate, and the company’s position in the industry, we can determine the difficulty of financing. The position of the company in the industry is covered below.

Huaxing manager Huang Xisheng in the sea of foreign exchange financing for business incubator platform "tutor" activities and entrepreneurs share, the theme of "on the financing of the" rhythm, full of dry cargo, it is worth sharing.

at the beginning of financing, entrepreneurs should first judge the difficulty of their company financing, that is, how much time and effort will be required to finance. To assess the difficulty of financing, we provide the following evaluation system:

angel, Pre-A valuation of no more than 5000W of the project, the evaluation index is the strength of the team, and whether it is in the hot track. The stronger the team, the more popular the track, the less difficult it is to finance, the greater the chance of success.

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assessment of the financing time, based on past financing experience, I have the following judgment:

if the company is in an unpopular industry, it depends on whether the project can bring value to investors. The more difficult it is to help investors make money, the less difficult it is to finance.

1. Correctly assess financing difficulty


first of all, we should make clear how long it will take to finance. It’s a dynamic problem. Each year, the market environment is different, different times, need to invest time are different, the sales funnel in which part of the card will be different. For example, the early project may contact 10 institutions, 8 institutions meet on pass, 2 signed NDA confidentiality agreement materials, but also to some extent shows that the project is interested. While the later rounds, financing more difficult, requires a period of time is longer. Compared to early projects, the latter project may be 10 institutions, 9 will require first sign a NDA, materials, but in the end may only have 2 follow-up.

for grassroots webmaster, how to choose a suitable for their own project, I have a don’t know whether the right point of view, but at present, according to my own experience, is correct. For those who enter the society, full of ideals, but unknown division lead the way entrepreneurs are, go to work for two years, preferably in the past two years, jump several times trough, and more understanding of some industries. So, as long as you put your heart into it, you’ll find some of the blue ocean market, or a very competitive market. And, over the last two years, you’ll probably learn a lot from your colleagues and bosses. My site knowledge, SEO skills are learned from work. And it did this work found a lot of business opportunities, and then I worked back alone, at this time, as previously in the company already know these projects which resources can be used, can be extended through what channels, so through their own efforts, but also achieved a little success.

what project to make money? This should be the most concern of novice webmaster. In Wangzhuan in this industry, positioning is more important than what. The direction chosen is right, the next effort and persistence can be rewarded, otherwise it will go farther and farther.

a friend of mine, too, was promoted in an education company, and later found a huge market in it, and went out alone. Because of the previous work in the company, with the company’s money, has done a lot of promotion experiments, know what method is effective, what channel effect is good. It’s easy to get out of it. You can make one every day

, like many grassroots entrepreneurs, has been in the university dream of adding a network of entrepreneurial forces. Because the unknown teacher directions, so many detours on this road. Once done click to make money, investigate money, hang up money, etc., done station, done a movie station, done Taobao customers, done site station, and finally failed. Summing up the reasons, I found that we do not understand the market, we can know is what others do, make money, we also follow. This is what grass roots love to do, but there is no success here, but most of us fail. Like last year’s group buying site, this year is the end of most web sites.

according to my experience, on average, each project financing to meet investors generally more than 30, financing arrival time not to sign TS nor SPA more than 5 months, signing the TS breach of contract rate is greater than 50%.

when I was talking about Ma interview, I heard him say, "if an idea comes out and everyone feels good and feasible, then he usually puts the idea in the garbage can.". Why, because he felt that if a creative many people feel good, then this world is smarter than you more capable than you people have to go, they can do what you can do better than others. In the same vein, if a project feels good, then you have missed the opportunity, and you have to make great efforts to join it. And these efforts, if you use a competition in general projects, you will succeed in several times the possibility of success.

evaluation of financing urgency

‘s initial steps in determining the pace of financing are two: evaluating financing difficulty