Fu Yan Yan 95% of the domestic venture projects are CopyCatThe entrepreneur on his knees says how d

if there were no sudden changes in life at the age of 19, perhaps I would, like millions of other college graduates, have a life changing trajectory. My father died 2 months before the college entrance examination. I still remember my father’s death in my arms until now, although sometimes I didn’t want to think about it. From that moment on, I was inwardly determined to change my fate and never let my family down because I had no money.

"rich saw a lot of early businesses, but 95% of them were CopyCat, and most of them died because they didn’t adapt to the domestic market."."

returned to school and my training class continued to recruit students. At that time there was only one idea to make more money, but >

passion is the cheapest, persistence is the most precious." Yan Yan said, entrepreneurs should broaden their horizons, the target market must be large, "business model of adequacy" is the most important thing commercial entrepreneurship."


Yan Yan hopes China entrepreneurs, especially in the field of Internet entrepreneurs, because the low cost of reproduction, often regardless of market demand will follow the trend of foreign market hot project copy to China, this project mostly cannot succeed.

Yan Yan said, although the Softbank rich PE and other late investment as the main business, but there are still 10% of the business specifically for early investment. At present, Softbank has invested more than 100 rich enterprises in the early stage.

people who experience hardship are more precocious than their peers, which may be a great advantage for us. I started earlier than their peers obviously consider the burden of life, when the other students on the university is also the third the ideal setting for a couple in love, I would like my business, poor boy, don’t wait for my business, is certainly more tragic fate. In 2003, I started my business when I borrowed 600 dollars from junior college, and started an English training class with my classmates in Shenyang.

I’ve been busy this summer vacation. The training course has a good reputation, and it’s true that I have more students with me, which makes me understand that reputation is always important. Due to periodic training, after a short summer vacation, I went back to school, but I don’t want to lose this class, so my mother and my classmates to do this class, this class was later set up a new power school laid the foundation.

NetEase technology news September 12th news, venture capital 2013 DEMO CHINA finals today entered the second day, Softbank Asia Investment Fund chief partner Yan Yan delivered a speech at the scene. Yan Yan said Softbank has seen a lot of projects in China, but 95% are CopyCat.

life is full of suffering. As a serial entrepreneur, Wade, the founder of Liu Haijiao’s education, knows more about the vicissitudes and meanings behind this sentence: frustration, dignity, tears, and kneeling. Interwoven in his first half of life, the pathos is always intertwined with his fate, and many years later, perhaps he has been unable to move, sitting in the sunset, he will be able to think of his life as a novel. The following is the founder of Wade education Liu Haijiao readme:

I clearly calculated the ratio of input and output, decided to take 600 yuan of money all used for printing leaflets, I think Zhang Chuandan was 4 cents a, 600 dollars Nengyin 15000 copies, sent out, a collection of 900 students. And the class is their own classes, the classroom is the house of their own house, so, in addition to propaganda costs, in theory, I just need to recruit a student, he can easily back to this, the risk is very small. Finally, I sent out 15000 leaflets, 20 students, income 18000 yuan, the first attempt to succeed.

I was born in the northeast, so I have a distinctive character of northeast. A chivalrous man with a real temper and breadth of mind. I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur before I graduated from college, but fate was always wonderful. He always pushed you to the other end of his life in an unexpected way.