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Beijing on March 6th news according to foreign media reports, the Internet search giant shlf1314 Corporation said on Wednesday, will explain how to use the AdSense project in the advertisement expansion unit to advertisers, and how to locate scalable advertising content, and gradually expand its AdSense project.

: first, the preparation of the shop. And stationmaster oneself do a website same, advance preparation is indispensable. Shop the most basic Taobao account, Alipay binding, application security certificate, the seller Ali Wangwang version of the installation, shop what to buy, where goods supply, the degree of competition, Taobao seller agreement, these are to be familiar with the shop front. In Taobao registered account, choose me to be a seller, and can be opened in the background free shops, after the opening of the store, and can upload goods, edit goods, and then on-line sales. This seems like a very simple method, but if the novice does it, there may still be some difficulties, especially in the choice of goods. It really takes a lot of effort.

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mobile Internet era, all want to make a fortune on the Internet, watching the master Wangzhuan experience, I really envy. Wangzhuan is seemingly simple things, but also need to pay a lot of effort. Taobao platform development with the development of the electricity supplier, may be a novice who most want to use the Wangzhuan platform in the Taobao open shop is free, then the free platform can Wangzhuan success, I give you something that Taobao stores open novice interpretation.

shlf1314 reminds its advertisers that they have two ways to choose: pay per click advertising CPC, or pay by show CPM. Only when the user clicks on the advertiser’s target page, CPC will generate revenue, not just when the user clicks on the extended ad. At the same time, shlf1314 has established a FAQ page that provides more relevant information to advertisers. In addition, shlf1314 also said that the shlf1314 AdSense project on the expansion of advertising does not make its revenue soaring, but because they need to expand the interaction with the user, of course, shlf1314 is unlikely to lead to hostility from consumers.

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secondly: choose the right goods. Taobao shop is really a wide variety of, it is important to choose what kind of goods to sell. The store started operation, the novice might think it can not start from the virtual start, such praise to block, it is brush praise, but is not the only method, virtual product profit is too low, may be a long time can not bring too much profit. In Taobao opened shop, or suggested that the choice of high profit products, the same time to spend time to promote products, why not choose to return a larger commodity?. The choice of goods is good, taking into account the activities of the store later, not all goods are good activities, virtual products low profits, if you go to do activities, it really is clearance processing. The items you choose will have a slightly higher profit margin, and then you can often take part in Taobao’s Juhuasuan and daily specials, which will only bring sales and will not lose money.

users may have to experience many of the existing scalable advertising is very annoying, but shlf1314 clearly pointed out that more attention to the details of the display of movie trailers, clips, video games or other needs of the picture, use the new AdSense project format for advertisers and users are very valuable. shlf1314 also said that if advertisers had added AdSense’s code to the original source of the company’s website, they would automatically qualify for its extended ad unit and enabled photo advertising. shlf1314 also pointed out that the program is currently only applicable to specific ad targeting American specific advertisers.

again: shop decoration. Taobao shop should be divided into the home decoration and decoration products page, highlight the characteristics of products page description to focus, commodity pictures are clearly visible, it is best to the processed images, buyers in the purchase of goods, the first impression of goods is very important, and the best goods is to wear to the mannequin license, so to feel closer to. In addition to the picture description of the product, as well as the description of the product parameters is also important, the main parameters should be listed, and there is no cheating behavior. Home decoration to all brand shops can give buyers show, but it does not need everything in the home show, sales of good products to the home page, the other can be used with "more" button instead of at the same time; in store sales of goods are on the home page, many buyers. The first is to promote the store to see.

shlf1314 says these AdSense extensions can appear as static banner ads or ad segments, or can cover large areas of content below the screen. However, the company stressed that such scalable advertising is different from other types of annoying ads, these can be extended to the ads will not be discussed advertising content or just a simple mouse hovers over the content, users must get more advertising contents by clicking on the ads can.

shlf1314 expands AdSense project