Chen Ou changed track ‘m looking forward to proving myself7 tips for newbies making money

1, making money from blogging is difficult for us. It doesn’t mean it’s hard to make a little money from blogging, but it’s really more complicated than everyone thinks, and it’s not just about writing and advertising. Writing skills, point of view innovation, template design, advertising, reader retention, etc……. The skills necessary to make money are as follows: you have to study, study, and study.

, turning to me, "well, join us."."

4, focus on just one blog. Some time ago, I made some links to promote my blog. Deep impression is that there is a blog with blog over chain and I, a list of the three sites, are 3 different types of blog, he actually said he is written in blog! I was very surprised, a 3 Bo, okay? So, here I want to remind everyone, if you have a lot to write blog topics, each topic don’t set up a blog. A person’s energy is limited, scattered on multiple blogs, will increase the odds of failure for each blog. So focusing on just one blog is the best thing for us to do.

"I’m still looking forward to proving myself."." He said.

says making money from blogging seems like a simple and complicated problem. Simple, you just have to write your favorite topic, attract readers, and earn your income by advertising. It’s a logical thing. Of course, it’s simple enough for a celebrity blogger. But for new people like us, it’s complicated – we need to figure out what we’re going to do first, what’s going on, and what we’re going to do in the future…… So, if you’re new and trying to make money by blogging, here are some of the following:

at that time, I just entered the magazine soon, the concern is that new energy and multinational companies, the Internet is not much contact. And the United States is a newly established start-up company for 3 years, the reputation is not large, but Chen Europe this time starring his company’s promotional film, but also very hot on micro-blog.

.""When it comes to excitement," said Mr. ?

was not far away 4 years ago, but compared with today, it is a totally different two world.

Chen stood against the wall, arms folded over his chest, looking like a star ready to take pictures. He is talking about the past more than a month, his share of rechargeable treasure cognition. "I think the future is charging treasure business, their own development, six months is likely to be worth more than any vertical suppliers, this is my believe in.". "


poly Mei Gang

now, Chen spent most of his time in Shenzhen, running the factory and the supply chain once and for all. He felt that the street power has made all kinds of cabinet sharing, charging treasure all invention patents, sharing the treasure charging industry pattern is almost fixed. The future must be competition between street power and small electricity, and he intends to invest $100 million in street power.

2, writing money is not a big shot. Many blogger lost their enthusiasm within a few months of blogging, and slowly abandoned their positions and eventually fell into dead link. If we find the reasons for this phenomenon, I think the important point is: the first months, little blogger can get income, even the reader is pathetic, so to a certain extent dampened their enthusiasm. Therefore, the wise blogger needs to understand a little: blogging is like our resistance to Japan, and we must fight a protracted war, which is also determined by your current national conditions – the base is thin,

3, look for and use your interest points. It turns out that people who write blogs on topics they are interested in have a longer time to maintain blogs than a "hodgepodge blog" and a higher popularity index. Therefore, you need to know your interests, take your direction and use it to create a theme blog. Only in this way can we win more readers.


"do you still have to think about it? Give you five minutes to think about it."." Chen Ou said, "you interview more entrepreneurs, it is better to personally participate in a great undertaking.". Wouldn’t you be excited if you thought about it,

"this is not a trivial matter, just put a little money on it."." Chen Ou said, he is ready, will find people, money, set strategy, through a variety of methods, trying a new campaign.

he said "great start up" means street power.

"why does an entrepreneur make his own commercials and fire?" "I just met Chen Chen with such a simple question.".

"then I’ll go back and think about it."." I said.


5, when you are on a topic ambiguous, can try to do a little. Many people are unsure of their ability to keep on writing a topic for a while. In that case, you’re not

saw Chen Europe for the first time, in March 2013.

at the beginning of May, the United States confirmed 300 million yuan holdings street electric 60% of the shares, Chen Ou personally served as chairman of the board. Subsequently, the street electricity invited the original Amoy votes, President of the original source to join, as CEO.

, Ali, Jingdong is not listed yet. Every guest is old, Dangdang, Li Guoqing’s heat is no less than Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong. People will also discuss whether to buy a scam, unfamiliar street can survive. Easy to car more than 3 years ago, but few people know who Zhou Zhou, what is the special car?.

‘s previous $300 million, plus $100 million, means that the United States will spend at least $1 billion on street power. It’s not a penny.