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      so we collected more commonly used Picasa referral code. The way to put it is to change the code ID into your shlf1314 Adsense advertising number, and then you can launch it normally.

      although Picasa’s recommendation has been deleted from the shlf1314 Adsense background, but since the simplified Chinese version of shlf1314 Pack has not yet been released, so the recommendation code before Picasa is still valid. However, for publishers who do not get ad code, it is a problem to get advertising code right now.

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shlf1314_ad_width = 468;
shlf1314_ad_height = 60;
shlf1314_ad_format; " 468x60_as_rimg"
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forum game plug-in is an official forum plugin on community game operations that will support a wide variety of community applications. And now there are forums, other functions without conflict, with easy to install features. After downloading the forum plugin, the webmaster will show the link to the game in the forum navigation board. The forum members can enter the selected game by accessing the plug-in page as shown in Figure 1.


first of all, the forum game plug-in will provide a wide variety of game promotion materials for webmaster friends. How to make more of the game player in the game. On this point, believe that the owners have their own way, notice, called top posts are very good.

forum which will be the official game plug-in Comsenz


profit community is the webmaster is very concerned about the problem, "Yes play" Comsenz Comsenz in order to help webmasters with profit, launched an official plug-in product. Forum game plug-in "Yes play" let the webmaster across the game platform development operation threshold, can directly participate in the game in operation, through the forum user resource, find their profit from the gaming industry in the joint operation way.

what is forum game plug-in?

webmaster play out of money tools, BBS game plug-in "Yes play" release

      in fact, the service team makes it clear that the ad code obtained before is still valid and that the background no longer shows the product and does not affect revenue settlement. As for the code that doesn’t allow modification of other people, that’s the common language in the shlf1314 Adsense specification. Publishers can say nothing about modifying someone else’s code, but the code they acquired from their own background a long time ago, because that’s actually no difference.

      of course there will be a lot of people ask, such delivery is in accordance with the specification, there are a lot of people consulted the shlf1314 Adsense service team can modify the code and whether others get a negative answer.

October 12, 2008, Comsenz Comsenz launched a new official forum game plug-in "Yes play" hereinafter referred to as the forum game plug-in, please refer to yeswan. Forum game plug-in "Yes play" launched, and improved the Discuz forum as the core of community product ecosystem, is a combination of the current game industry status quo for the webmaster tailored to a new forum profit tool. Forum game plug-in adds forum user’s activity, strengthen the member to forum’s adhesion degree, is advantageous for the broad stationmaster to excavate the network community’s greater value.

forum game plug-in "Yes play", support a variety of version forum applications, can support Discuz, mobile forums and other domestic versions, suitable for domestic about 1300000 medium and small forum applications. Forum game plug-in combined with the current game operation features, choose to release at the weekend. According to official statistics, BBS game plug-in released nearly two hours, that is, five thousand webmaster with the official on-line, and through the plug-in player registration volume quickly break through. The head of the community laggards on-line forum game plug-in for the first time, refusing to swim fish Dong Qinfeng combined with the current situation of network community, specifically on the SNS and Webgame on the show to discuss the significance of the webmaster, causing many webmaster attention and support.

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