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server fees and domain name fees are available

so I began to want to make websites profitable, the website does not earn money to support themselves, can not pull me back, I began to go to Chinaz, Admin5, to find how others earn experience. But many people still did not understand me after all is said and done. Seems to be basically the big truth, maybe I’m stupid, huh, huh?.

for the first time I did a lot of small league, one or two months down and found that even earn less than a few bucks. Oh, my God, it’s been a long time. The electricity bills have been saved much more than that. Then listen to friends that the price of GG is relatively high, so I also to register a GG account, beginning one day find it 0.05-0.1$, I see this result is really dumbfounding, so 0.1*365 days =36.5$takes three years to collect a money last year, there are about 8 yuan this year, only $7 yuan after three years still do not know what will remain 5 yuan three years 500 yuan is not my server cost for one year. This time I began to go online to find GG alliance optimization, after several efforts, finally optimized a little achievement, the highest time, 1.5$but for more than a month began to fall, about 0.5 a day. I thought well, put it, how much is how much it can at least earn fees back to the server, finally done a full year before I do the first 100 dollars, just very happy, your account is K, I almost cried out, the heart want to fuck Lao Tzu for a year you took my money embezzled ah, so I go to submit why K off my account, wrote a lot of reasons, did not think second days landed, wow, recovery, money is still, so I got 100 dollars in the first GG.

      Beijing on July 14th news, according to foreign media reports, shlf1314 confirmed on Friday, has begun testing AdSense mobile phone advertising services in 13 countries around the world, to provide users with more useful information, and bring new opportunities for advertisers.

personal Adsense how to make money? Maybe every individual webmaster want to know how others make money, at least know how to earn the cost. My information station only 1500IP poor, stock, although only then IP but not even the cost of not having come back, then I do share more than a year of part-time webmaster experience.

for a while, my mother made a fire, and his advertisements were everywhere. Listen to others say, take money is easy, a few cents can get, not like GG to 100$can lead, and the unit price also has 10 Fen, no one too much money, so I have to register a. Although not earn much money, at least earn back the domain name fee. And then, like the GG ad, put it.

, a shlf1314 spokesman, said the mobile AdSense advertising service is in beta and will be improved on the basis of feedback from users, publishers and advertisers. shlf1314 AdWords said the information service center, AdSense mobile phone advertising test has been opened in 13 countries, namely the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Chinese, Italy, Japan, Holland, Spain, Ireland, India, Russia and australia. shlf1314 says advertisers can target mobile ads for different countries, and the costs are roughly the same as those for standard PC users.

started to do, much earlier than I do the webmaster said to me, now do only interest, if in order to make money to do the estimates you have to be disappointed, I’d like to start but also as a boring amateur update. But gradually I found that interest in amateur but must pay the price, the domain name server for money, money, the Internet to update Internet, electricity, time. That’s a lot of money for a year.

shlf1314 mobile AdSense advertising contains two lines of text, each line of 12 or 18 characters depending on the country’s generic text type. After the advertiser puts in the mobile phone AdSense advertisement, can install the function that the client dials advertisement phone directly. Advertisers pay only when they click on an advertising link or make a phone call. Analysts say shlf1314 mobile AdSense ads will appeal to mobile phone service sites, and will force YAHOO and Microsoft to develop their own mobile advertising solutions.

industry believes that if the mobile phone advertising model succeed, the growth of users, mobile phone service prices show a downward trend. shlf1314 CEO, Eric ·, Schmidt Eric Schmidt has previously said that mobile advertising can bring subsidies for operational services.