Entrepreneurship you can stand 4 years of waitingMarketing partner favored workers with new tactics

I love contact some body full of positive energy entrepreneurs, even if they are in the valley of life, full of grievances, but he always with a positive mood you have not shown, but a habit, he stand on your point of view, is for you to consider, so you never owe he was such a man once had the opportunity, I think you will return with his.

The marketing partner gold marketing partners: the total amount of the Marketing Commission is equal to or greater than 1000 yuan

from the above chart, you can see that with the increase in performance, the level of marketing partners will be higher, the proportion of returned Commission will increase.

now move, today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Most people die tomorrow night, so we must face up to today and try our best to live in the present.


"marketing partner"

we have this side of entrepreneurs, even desperately trying to not see results or even not to be aware of it to the end, when we see them, they might think that unfortunately or think they are stupid, but they are not in the growth but is rooted in. Deep strong root. When the time is right, they will reach the summit of others. Maybe you can’t see the results now, but don’t be afraid, you are not growing, but you are taking root. Life needs settling.



     ;     silver Marketing Partner: the total amount of the Commission is greater than or equal to 300 yuan, but less than $1000

bronze medals, silver medals, gold medals, the 3 levels of the commission rate is not the same, specific reference, as shown in the following:


: a low cost: as long as you put your marketing code, put in place a personal blog, column, forums, personal websites, without supervision, when someone through your marketing task Chinese missions over the code, you can receive a corresponding commission.

   ;     bronze Marketing Partner: the total amount of marketing commissions is less than $300

two: high profits: to help your friends to solve the needs of the work, but also get a certain commission, help people and self benefit. For example: you introduced friends, issued a 10 thousand yuan Witkey task, you can get at least 800 yuan of income, high level

Four advantages of

it is understood that due to marketing, making money, low cost, high profits, more and more workers, personal websites and so on, they have this marketing promotion as a new choice to make money online. Why are marketing partners so popular,

is how to make money with workers? Contacts and friends over cyber source recommendation task China, as long as he successfully passed the real name authentication, certification, issued to pay fees, Witkey task issued a tender task one, you can get a certain proportion of the Commission, it is profitable to do marketing.

saw a story recently in the circle of friends, is a kind of Chinese only grows in the east of bamboo "bamboo", where farmers planted everywhere, every day carefully cultivated, adorable seed teeth, even the farmers in recent years has been 4 years of intensive care, bamboo only 3 centimeters long, the other local people see here, shook his head and said do not understand, however, bamboo, after 5 years with every day for 30 cm growth, so only 6 weeks you can grow up to 15 meters, where the transient time can be turned into a wild profusion of vegetation of the bamboo forest. Although only 3 centimeters in 4 years, but from fifth years began the storm growth, perhaps looks like 6 weeks have undergone incredible changes, but in the past 4 years, bamboo roots in the soil between the extension of hundreds of square meters.

encountered similar side "wonderful", some people say that he is stupid, some people say he is silly, some people will say that is crazy? But for their perseverance in the pursuit of the ideals and beliefs of the entrepreneurs, we should be more tolerant and understanding.

the greatest selfishness is selfless, meet the selfishness of others, but also to achieve their own selfishness, perhaps this is the wisdom of success bar. Recently contact Buddhism, Buddhism, pay attention to cause and effect, what kind of, because what kind of fruit?. We assume a crossing, if time backward, you change a woman you marry, your child is not the same, the structure of your family is not the same, your life are not the same, all the earthshaking changes, now you decide the next five years the result of ten years, the so-called "living in the moment" or so.

task, according to the marketing performance of marketing partners, China divides marketing partners into 3 grades: bronze medal, silver medal and gold medal. The specific rules are as follows:


I told myself, never a man now to judge an entrepreneur in the future, if people do not care about the success of today, indifferent to him, tomorrow I’m not making friends.

to undertake the task is how to make money, workers according to their ability to bid for the task, and finally won the bid to get the task of money, this ability to make money by the way, called to undertake the task of making money.

online has become a means of making money for most people online. Reporters learned that the task of Chinese workers now, in addition to relying on their own ability to undertake tasks to make money, but also by virtue of their connections, network resources to do marketing, make money.