The reflection of Marx’s film behind K

movie station, why was K, with my personal experience, I analyzed it, there are three points:

number 1: these sites are mostly featureless and repetitive,

second: for the movie copyright is one of reasons, so Baidu under the banner of "Ningquewulan" attitude of K station is normal, and a Marx film into station more, this management website, for lazy owners would be more convenient.

third: some Marx movie station in order to attract more traffic, specifically the introduction of some China banned pornographic movies or with pornographic movies, there are also some pornographic images, it makes the Internet more secure, so Baidu K here don’t blame it, which also affected the whole program to do with Marx web site.

But the value of

celebrate business, using the Marx program made the website also has Baidu strongly support, such as: Chinese Buddhism on Baidu video network as long as you enter: "Chinese video network" will find this website in Baidu page one or two, this shows that what I think it is worth a good reflection, especially Marx is the webmaster, if you want to stick to the site, the site had to relocate!! of course there are some other comparison of the characteristics of the website I will not, for example, hope Marx can take up the anti movie master himself, making your own unique website!! (by feeds).